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Demand efficiency from Government Service
JoelVasquezDate: Monday, 06 February 2012, 8:04 AM | Message # 1
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1. How do you know that a Government Office - inefficient, is Lousy ?? Look at the queue and processing time and number of people. Calculate how much is the cost per hour times the number of people and the processing time. The answer is the cost or losses incurred by inefficient service, procedures and methods. If we just accept all these, then we are the Lousy. Take your photo and show it here then we calculate how much man-hours are lost because of inefficiency. GOCC are given very high salaries but what do they give us, they give us ..... because they think most of the time, we accept all these inefficiencies - we are to blame not the Government...we are lousy ourselves.


Read the above graft and corruption Law and Demand efficiency from the Government. You have the tools in front of you.
We get what we deserve? You don't need to allow that to happen to you, you can get what you want? That means, if we allow things to happen as they are in the Philippine Government then there is no need to complain about how we are treated.
There are laws to protect us, know how to use this law and get what you want not the kind of services you are given. Please read carefully and let's get moving. Because if we always do what we always did we will always get what we always got.
As Rizal said, the "pen is mightier than the sword", we dare tell him now, our "laptop is mightier than the atomic bomb". We can reach the four corners of the world in just one "click-send" of the button.
We represent the Government - and if our Government is Lousy it is because we are Lousy - It is enough for evil to exist and prevail if "Good men do nothing",

Added (06-February-2012, 8:04 AM)
Are you ready to be the Boss of PNoy ?? Or do we just leave it to the(elected officials) to do what they want ?? Shall we continue to be the oblivious "Lukewarm Christians", and turn a blind eye to what is happening around us while 4.5 MILLION FILIPINOS are INVOLUNTARILY HUNGRY.

There are two choices - Either we are the lukewarm-christians or do something about what we know and we see. This is a so called "Christian Country" - there are 4.5 MILLION FILIPINOS involuntarily hungry.??? How could you sit down in your churches and with your church leaders and religous organization and praise and sing all the B.S. to God and His Son, while 4.5 Million Filipinos are hungry. Please do something, be the BOSS of PNOY.

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