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Which kind of man suit for you?
kittylinDate: Friday, 26 August 2011, 10:14 AM | Message # 1
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Which colour suits you will want your lover to wear?
◎ options:
A. Blue
B. Gray
C. White
D. Black

Psychological test answer:
A. You better not look for those pushy and too active, as the companion of the opposite sex. Subconsciously, you want him as a "family man", talk to you each evening went to the market to buy food, then go home to spend the night with you. Do not cause this man's heyday, does not need any fame. You just hope he can accompany himself every day, this is the sweet love you most desire.

B. a person fall in love with another person, because there are ten million. For you, because this man is somewhat similar with you too much. Gray, on behalf of a neutral meaning, if you want to put a beloved man to meet his gray suit, which implies that you are not too strong for this man feel. You Fall in love with him because he told you speak with one voice, for example, have the same little habits, mantra.

C. innocent as you. White suit represents a kind of immaculate love, worship, desire to love you like a Prince Charming, handsome, gentle and polite. However, this man has become "rare animals." In love on the road, you can not help but suffer setbacks, and finally, only the share of worship into the novel actor who portrayed vivid.

D. Black In addition to representing the "mysterious", it is also rich in imagination with symbolic colors in http://www.sneakers-shoe.com/sneakers-high-top-sneakers-c-17_18.com. What kind of man attracts you most? Believe that artists, writers and other professional boy most likely to make you reconsider. Their endless imagination, will bring you joy, and such men know how to conquer you.

joselito777Date: Friday, 26 August 2011, 11:29 AM | Message # 2
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kittylin, it seems you're promoting something. Please do not advertise in the forum.

- Moved to trash

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