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Department of Health warns against Iridology
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Department of Health warns against Iridology
By Katherine Evangelista
First Posted 19:06:00 08/04/2008

Filed Under: Health, Diseases

MANILA, Philippines – Iridology is “neither a diagnostic tool nor a therapeutic modality in alternative medicine,” the Department of Health (DoH) on Monday said.

“There is no scientific validation for the use of iridology and it does not have strong evidence of having value either for diagnosis or treatment of diseases,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said in a statement.

Iridology, or iridodiagnosis, is an alternative medicine technique where a patient’s iris is examined to determine information abut his or her health.

After examination, iridologists encourage patients to purchase “alleged herbal medicines” to cure or prevent the spread of their “diagnosed disease,” the DoH said.

These herbal medicines may have implications on the health of a person who does not need them, it said.

Duque fears that iridology puts the lives of patients at risk if it is used as replacement for established diagnostic tools since a patient might be given wrong information on his or her health condition.

Source: http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/breakin....idology

JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 09 July 2011, 9:41 PM | Message # 2
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There is no money in Iridology for mainstream medical practitioners. There is no scientific data because there is not one pharmaceutical company that will support and finance this because there is no money in it for them. All these boils down on where the money is and who is funding the research and the calculated returns on their investments.

The pharmaceutical companies main business is with the doctors. And doctors will promote anything as long as they get something in it in return.

There are diseases - Lorenzo's Oil - where it is so unique and patients are left to die because the volume of people dying are not worth the investment. Where will these people go but search for alternatives. Which Doctors will these people go when doctors are provided with standardized medications already patterned to make it easy for them to diagnose and prescribe medicines and get more patients per hour.

I am not here to defend iridology and other alternative practices that I myself have gone into because of the cost of medications. I worked in a factory and it bleeds my heart to sign-off on medical guarantees of our workers so they get can to be accepted in the hospitals and get medical attention.

Actually there illnesses can be solved by just a simple garlic, ginger, salt, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon, and many more herbs that you can find in your kitchen. Denque - "tawa-tawa" a herb that you can find in the shrubs and many more. Neem tree is a very powerful tree - natural deterrent against mosquitoes, so is southern pine.

All these are God given and free if we just take care of our environment and let them grow and propagate. God has given us all what we need and we should protect this knowhow of the old and ancient because we are a poor country where most of our people cannot afford medicines and hospitalizations.
Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » Health, Beauty & Fitness » Department of Health warns against Iridology
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