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The Best Classified Ads Website in Cebu, Philippines...

You may be wondering which is the best Classified Ads Website in Cebu. There are lots, let me count for you, I think there are thousands of Classified Ads Website created for Cebu Area only. But majority of them failed. Many and many of them was neglected by their webmasters. I don't know what's the real reason. But I think their main reason is it's very time consuming to maintain a website like this. Time is their opponent. They couldn't develop their sites more better. Or they are enticed by other opportunities which they think is more higher in return for them. We'll it's their choice.

I found out many classified ads website in Cebu which are very simple but yet has a lot of traffic because they are the pioneers. I appreciate and idolize their webmasters. I don't mention their domains. You can find them in Google when you search "classified ads website in cebu". I'm modelling their layouts and I modify and develop my own layout as what you can see in this website. I'm not such a kind of highly advanced web developer. I admit that I'm an amateur who is striving to create this kind of website for the benefit of the Bisaya People especially the Cebuanos. This is my first creation, my first concept of Classified Ads Website. I don't want to compete with others or with other webmasters who own a Classified Ads Website. I created this because it's my hobby. I'm a techsavvy person who is inlove with computers. This Classified Ads Website idea just popped up in my mind because I know lot of people could earn money, not just a dime, but lot of money when they post their ads or sell their items in this website. I'm the one who is a living witness because I also engaged buy and sell items in other classified ads website. That's why I created this. I created this not for my own benefit but for the benefit mostly for the advertisers.

This website cannot survive without the advertisers and the visitors. They are the lifeblood of this site.

But wait, we are discussing here about The Best Classified Ads Website in Cebu. We can measure who is the Best Classified Ads Website in Cebu by setting a criteria or factors. Number one factor could be the design. It could also be the user-friendliness, simplicity, or applications and additional features installed. You might think that the major factor in order for the Classified Ads Website to be called the "The Best Classified Ads Website", is the traffic. Others would say, "it's best when it's search engine optimized". We'll you're both right.

But for me traffic and search engine optimization are just part of the tip of the iceberg. For me, I think, I don't want to oppose with you, what I think is that the major factor that a Classified Ads Website to be called "The Best Classified Ads Website" is its mission. I don't know if you agree with me. Mission gives direction. Failures may come but with a mission in mind, failures are just footsteps to success. Search engine always changes algorithms and traffic is affected. They are both interdependent. I hope it's clear with you on how I define the term "The Best Classified Ads Website".

Maybe you've already know the site's mission: To make online money-making fun. EARN, LEARN, & FUN.
This site is for everyone who buys and sells online, who wants to find job in order to support his family, who wants to be noticed and famous by means of his/her own Bisaya Version Video creation. This is for everyone who wants to display his/her uniqueness to be funny by means of his/her Funny Picture postings. This is for everyone who wants laughter when there are times they feel sad. You should smell the essence of this site: INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING...

Please support this website. I don't want to force you to register but if you register, the impact even if its very little can bring the members of the site to a more brighter future. If you are an advertiser, it means a lot of traffic for you, a lot of potential buyers, clients for you. They are traffic for you that can be converted to money when you are closing your deals.

So please register. Click this link to register: //www.affordablecebu.com/index/3

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