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Touch Mobile (TM) SULITAWAG

Touch Mobile (TM) SULITAWAG Banner Ad


To enjoy P5.00 for 3-minute call, just dial 806 + 10-digit TM or Globe number

Example: 8069165881234

1. No need to register and subscriber can call anytime of the day.

2. TM subscriber just has to dial using 806 prefix to avail of the promo.

3. Minimum load balance required to avail of SulitTawag is P5.00

4. Calls that are less than 3 minutes will still be charged P5.00

5. Calls will be cut, should it exceed 3 minutes.

6. Calls to other networks using the 806 prefix will not flow through.



1. What is TM SULITAWAG promo?

TM SULITAWAG is TM newest voice promo. For just P5, you already have up to 3 minutes of call to a TM or Globe friend. To know more about the promo, text SULITAWAG HELP or SULITAWAG INFO to 8888.

2. How do I register to (Touch Mobile) TM SULITAWAG?

No need to register for this promo. Just dial 806+10 digit TM or Globe number you need to call. You will get connected automatically.

ie., Dial 8069263001111 and press "SEND"

You just need to have atleast P5 load balance to be able to make the call.

3. How much will this promo cost me?

You will be charged P5 when you dial 806+10 digit TM or Globe number you need to call.

4. What if I try calling other networks using the prefix 806?

Your call won't get through.

5. What if I try the promo but my load is less than P5 already?

If you try to dial 806+10 digit TM/Globe number with a load less than P5, you will hear this message:

"Sorry, you do not have enough money in your account. Please reload immediately!"

6. What if I don't finish the full 3 minutes? Will I still be charged P5?

Yes, You will still be charged P5, even if didn't consume fully the 3 minutes.

7. Can I truly consume the 15 minutes without being cut?

Yes, but there are several factors that can cause the call to end, such as the following:

  • Number decides to end the call
  • One of the parties' battery has emptied
  • One of the parties moved to a location with weak or no signal

8. If I don't have a TM SIM, can I still use this promo?

No. You need to have a TM SIM to be able to use this promo.

9. Is there a limit as to how many times a day can I use this promo?

No. You can avail of the promo as many times as you want as long as you have enough load.

10. How will this promo be communicated to the public?

The promo will be communicated via:

  • Print ad
  • Merchandising
  • SMS broadcast

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