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Google Adsense Mail/Letter that Determines or Confirms You are Approved By Google Adsense

I know you are eager to earn money online through Google Adsense. If you are waiting of Google Adsense for your approval, let me share to you the letter or mail from Google Adsense that lets you know that you are approved by Google Adsense.

Google Adsense

Here's that full email message from Google Adsense that determines you are approved by them:

Your Google AdSense application has been approved. To activate your

account and get started with AdSense, follow the steps below.  Or, for a
detailed walkthrough of everything you need to know as a new AdSense
publisher, visit Newbie Central:

STEP 1: Access your account.

http://www.google.com/adsense?hl=en_US&sct=app-fe and sign in using
the email address and password that you submitted with your application.
If you've forgotten your password, visit
http://www.google.com/adsensepassword .

STEP 2: Create an AdSense ad unit.

Click the "AdSense Setup" tab, select "AdSense for content" as your

product, then follow the guided steps to customize and create your ad

STEP 3: Display AdSense ads on your pages.

After you create your ad unit, we'll give you the ad code to paste into

the HTML source of your website so that you can show ads. For help adding
the code to your pages, visit our Code Implementation Guide at
If you don't have access to edit the HTML source of your pages, please
contact your webmaster or hosting company.


* Please don't click on your ads, even to test them -- doing so isn't

permitted by the AdSense program policies

* You can add the AdSense code to a new page or site that complies with

our program policies at any time. There's no need to inform us or apply
for a new account when you do.

Have more questions? You can find answers in our Help Center at

http://www.google.com/adsense/support?sct=app-fe , or the AdSense blog at
http://adsense.blogspot.com?sct=app-fe . In addition, you can post your
questions to the AdSense Help Forum at
http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/AdSense?hl=en&sct=app-fe . Plus,
sign up to receive email communications from AdSense, like tips and


The Google AdSense Team

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not
accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.
If you are not yet approve by Google Adsense, just wait and be patient. It helps a lot to visit and read Google Adsense Forum and Google Adsense Blog. You can find lot of useful articles there and you can also ask your concerns and problems regarding Google Adsense. Goodluck to your journey on making money online through Google Adsense.

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