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How long will Google Adsense Pin Mail arrive in Philippines...

You might be searching when will a Google Adsense Pin Mail or Mailer will arrive in the Philippines?

It depends on different factors. Location and correctness of recipient's address are some of them. Mine?

My Google Adsense Pin Mail just arrived today here in Cebu, Philippines. I never expect how fast or how immediate I receive my Google Adsense Pin Mail today. I've waited 3 weeks for this.

It took 3 weeks period of time to receive my Google Adsense Pin Mail here in the Philippines. That's not bad for me.

I've known other web publishers in the Philippines receive their Google Adsense Pin Mail within 2 months or even 5 months.
This is how my Google Adsense Pin Mail looks like:

(Picture 1) Google Adsense Pin Mail

(Picture 2) Google Adsense Pin Mail

(Picture 3) Google Adsense Pin Mail

What is Google Adsense Pin?

PIN is the Personal Identification Number (PIN) provided by Google to each web publisher. It is required by Google in order to verify the web publisher's Google Adsense account regarding personal identity or physical address. Google Adsense team sends the PIN to the web publisher through standard mail that looks like the pictures you see above.  If you signed up with Google Adsense and able to received the Google Adsense PIN mail after few weeks, enter this PIN number in the Payment History of your Google Adsense Account. Remember: without this PIN, you cannot receive your payments in your Google Adsense.

Here's the content of my Google AdSense Pin Mail/Letter I received:
--- BEGIN ---
Your Google AdSense Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Welcome to Google Adsense. To enable payment for your account, we kindly ask that you follow these 4 simple steps:

STEP 1: Log in to your Adsense account with the username and password you created during the application process. URL: www.google.com/adsense/

STEP 2: Select the My Account tab and click Payment History
STEP 3: Click the 'Please enter your PIN' link
STEP 4: Enter your PIN as it appears below.
Your PIN: ******
Please contact us at adsense-support@google.com if you did not sign up for Google Adsense.

The Google AdSense Team

P. S. Don't forget to visit www.google.com/adsense/payments to learn more about AdSense payments.
--- END ---

I'd like to tell you that this is my second attempt to resend my Google Adsense Pin Mail. I've waited within 1 month for my 1st Google Adsense Pin Mail but failed to receive. I know I did wrong. I didn't able to receive my first Google Adsense Pin Mail because I put an incorrect recipient's address.

That's why to all web publishers or those who are newbies who apply for Google Adsense, make sure you write your address correctly. Check them carefully so that you will receive your Google Adsense Pin Mail more prompt and to the correct address you've written. And be sure to be more particular or be more specific in your address: include the house number or to whom you can care it of (c/o). For example you can write your mailing address like this:
c/o Mr. Juan dela Cruz - Juan's Store
C. Padilla St., Duljo, Fatima
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines 6000
For those who received their Google Adsense Pin Mail, could you please tell us how long did you receive that mail so that others will know and they will stop begging and asking again and again to Google Adsense Support on how long they will wait to receive their Google Adsense Pin Mail.

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Joanna [Entry]

Hi pano po kung wala tao sa bahay. Ano courier ba nag dadala nyan pag Pinas
Maysz [Entry]

Hi yung saken it's been a month pero wala padin eh. yung una kasi mali spelling ng hometown ko pero tama naman yung zipcode tsaka yung province still wala pa dn :(
Ed [Entry]

Im from cebu and i got mine after 2 months. To all bloggers and site owner that us waiting for their pin. I suggest you call your local post office 1 month after the pin has been sent. I called my local post office and to my surprise, my pin is just sitting there for almost a month now just waiting to be delivered. Its best to pick up your mail directly so you dont have to wait.

Ed of www.tickledthink.com
rb [Entry]

Hi its my 3rd pin now and I send a government id but it's did not work help can u email me directly?
need help [Entry]

guys on the firl line of the adress do i still need to put manila on the last example 1111 A Bar Rd. 99 Coke, Manila ganyan or dikona lalagyan ng manila kasi may i fill kapa na city mamaya? help ty
Kelvin [Entry]

Still waiting for my pin, it was my 3rd pin actually. The first and second is wrong address (wrong zip code) I hope I will receive mine soon. Pray for me guys :)
blair [Entry]

still waiting for my pin ... 1 month already ... from iloilo .. hndi ko alam if darating nga ba xa
Guest [Entry]

blair, Just wait and be patient. Tell us here if you already receive your Google Adsense PIN.
Doraid Magdy [Entry]

Thank you for your information.

actually this is the first time to use these function (Adsense).
I write my address and nearest post office code in my area cause we dont have private mail for our house!
Is that working or not?
Jereme Causing [Entry]

thanks for the info about this
Guest [Entry]

caroline, the PIN will be sent at your physical address. That's address where you are located or the address that you input to your adsense account. Note: It will not be sent to your email or to a post office.
jasper [Entry]

to those who are banned in adsense or those who find it very hard to create an account. pm me 09064740615 / 09155760087 I'll help you. i can create new adsense account w/in 1 week guaranteed fast approved. My cousin from US is my creator.
Richardx [Entry]


If anyone in luzon who has adsense but not being used or not making money, I have a proposition to you. If you let me use your account, I will give you a share of P5000 or 3% of earnings per month, whichever is higher.
AnneB [Entry]

I receive my PIN in 2 weeks :)
Guest [Entry]

AnneB, congratulations and good luck to your Google Adsense Earnings! I'm sure you're very excited to receive your very first Google Adsense income from your website.
vrian [Entry]

almost 4 weeks, i'm waiting but my pin has not yet arrive. I've already used my 2nd pin. I put the same address on my second request.
Reyn [Entry]

Yes! I'm very happy. I treat them all. Families and friends. They're wondering that making money online is true. I hope my pay-out would be on a monthly basis. Thanks God.
weng [Entry]

good to you. It's over a month, my PIN haven't arrived yet. I'm just requesting few weeks ago. Im from cebu. its my 2nd request. =( cant wait)
Reyn [Entry]

Yes! I finally got my first payment. It's just a minimum but I'm very happy.
Guest [Entry]

Congrats Reyn on your First Google Adsense Payment. WOW! Mukhang hindi mailalarawan yung saya na nararamdaman mo ngayon. Sobra pa sa tuwa.
Reyn [Entry]

Thank you so much. I wish i will get my first payment this January or February.. Thanks really to Jesus.
Reyn [Entry]

I pray and wait. Haha! And it was then delivered to our house. haha!
Guest [Entry]

Reyn, it's a miracle. God does answers your prayer. Godbless Reyn.
Reyn [Entry]

Finally I got my PIN after 4 weeks of waiting.
Guest [Entry]

Congrats Reyn. How did you do it?
Reyn [Entry]

There's a mail coming from Google offering a discount coupon in Adwords. So my I put the right and exact address. And I'm requesting a second PIN oh wait! If you reach $10, will Google sendt you PIN automatically or you are the one who should request a PIN? Awhile ago, I scanned my voters ID and sent to Google to verify my account but I need to wait for the PIN and use the 3 chances for the PIN.
Reyn [Entry]

I didn't received mine also. More than 4 weeks I requested a new pin. I cannot request payout. My address is right cause I receive a mail from Google Adwords.
Guest [Entry]

Reyn, what do you mean by mail from Adwords?

You should receive a physical mail from Google Adsense not from Adwords.
chrisair [Entry]

hi, can I change the address in my adsense pin if ever I couldn't receive pin. On May 12, I generated and requested a pin and I meant to change my town and ang zip code because at first I was disapproved.
Guest [Entry]

chrisair, yes.
clinex [Entry]

I'm hoping to receive mine.
askin [Entry]

hi! i had requested for a pin in september and waited for 1 month. when it didnt arrive, i requested again in october to a different address. the first address was in luzon & the second in northern mindanao. the addresses are accurate and i've informed about it in the post office too; showing them a sample of how the pin mailer looks like.

now, if i don't receive it after a month, can i give your address with a c/o? as you are in cebu and have received the pin mailer promptly. u can then email me the number. is it ok to do so? i am kinda worried because google gives you only 3 chances. ryt?

Guest [Entry]

askin, You must receive it yourself. Try to find nearest and trusted neighbors, friends or family in your present address. Be specific and accurate in your address.
Google Adsense Tip [Entry]

riyuzaki007, you have to fill your website with original and useful contents before you apply for Google Adsense. Google Adsense will not accept websites with no content or websites with no original/unique contents. 5 unique articles is enough for you to be accepted. And you should also adhere the Google Webmaster Quality Guidelines in making your website.

You will know if your website will be accepted by Google Adsense if you receive an email from them that notifies you that you're accepted.
riyuzaki007 [Entry]

hello guys, if I set up my website right now then apply for google adsense, will I get approved right away?...How do I know if the website I run passes Google's requirements? The first questions is important to me though.... smile
Justin Lee [Entry]

I have a question.^^ Do I need to manually request the mail pin in Google Adsense portal or is it automatic? It says:

Most recent PIN was generated

Aug 19, 2011

And there's a "Request a New Pin" Button with 2 remaining requests left. Do I need to click that or Google already initiated a mail delivery of the PIN? Thanks!
Guest [Entry]

Justin, You don't need to click that. Google already generate a PIN for you. Just wait for the PIN to be delivered to you through mail. By the way, tell us if you already receive it.
jericho [Entry]

nice ang galing mo naman sana dumating na din ung akin at sana di na ko maghintay ng matagal
Baxxer [Entry]

2-3 weeks is the standard time of the mail to be arrived here in the philipppines, i got mine after 2 weeks and 3 days waiting... sarap kumita sa adsense lalo na kung your monthly average is $3000.00 that's why i quit to my job, Im hoping to break this month the $3,500.
Guest [Entry]

Baxxer, you've earned a lot in google adsense. $3,000 is equivalent to P120,000+. WOW! What are the niches of your sites you've made? and what websites earns most? smile
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