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How to Apply for NSO Birth Certificate Online...

Online Request of NSO Birth Certificate

Get your NSO ( National Statistics Office ) Birth Certificate Online.

No need to go outside your house or office.

No need to fall in line.

Your NSO Birth Certificate will be delivered right at your doorstep after 3 days.

It's very fast and easy to secure your NSO Birth Certificate Application in the internet.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go to e-Census website (https://www.ecensus.com.ph). Go to Request >> Online Application.

Get NSO Birth Certificate online

Step 2

You will be redirected to the following page. Read the provided information carefully and click the Click here to request now button.

Secure NSO birth certificate online

Step 3

Accept the Terms and Conditions:
NSO Birth Certificate Online Application

Step 4

Fill-out the application form:
Birth Certificate Online Application Form

Step 5

Click the Next button and follow further instructions.


For the payment, NSO requires you to pay 315 pesos for the Birth Certificate. You can pay either through bank offline or online. For me, I usually pay my NSO Birth Certificate and other Certificates online thru Unionbank Online Banking. If you have a Unionbank Bank Account or BDO Bank Account, you can pay NSO online. Other banks like BPI and Metrobank have online banking also. So you can pay online through these online banking services of these banks. Just ask your bank or you can go to the website of your bank regarding their online banking.

Delivery Period

You will receive the Birth Certificate within 3 to 5 working days.

Sample of NSO Birth Certificate

NSO Birth Certificate
Picture of a National Statistics Office (NSO) Birth Certificate
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Just leave a message below.

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"How to Apply for NSO Birth Certificate Online" was written by Mary under the Philippine Government category. It has been read 51006 times and generated 6 comments. The article was created on and updated on 07 June 2013.
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Celeste [Entry]

I apply online to get a copy of my birth certificate I have a batch number already but when I proceed to payment its says failed please help me about this matter how can I pay through credit card?
charlie [Entry]

how much if im late register
zen [Entry]

I,m living in uk, and I need a copy of birth certificate and marriage certificate , do you do service abroad , need, and how much it will cost me, what kind of payment ,and do you accept paypal.
maria April junno cortez [Entry]

hello!just wanna ask if they have cash on delivery for requesting nso birth certificate.thanks.
mayrein [Entry]

I don't have any bank account, can I send my payments to any money transfer?

Question lang po. Gaano katagal ang proseso ng rehistro from local civil registry to NSO? Mag re-request po sana ako ng birth certificate ng anak ko. Wala pa pong 1 month matapos naipasa sa cityhall, available na po kaya sa census kung kukuha ako ng copy? THANK YOU.
zoey [Entry]

i dont have any bank accounts, can i send my payment to any money transfer?
Charlyn [Entry]

Hi I would like to ask I am going to make online application for NSO birth certificate?
Chara Orjalisa [Entry]

Hi I would like to ask I am going to make online application for cenomar and NSO certificate. I am outside Philippines right now.
lyn [Entry]

What if I only want to know if a
exists? Can I just ask and pay NSO
to tell me if a person really do exist
if they have a record of a name that
I will provide? Is that possible?
Anyone? Thank you
Lovely Santos [Entry]

Do you deliver beyond 5pm? Please reply ASAP...thanks!
Lea Villanueva [Entry]

Hi, very informative. Anyhow, can you kindly mention the merchant name of NSO application payment in BDO and BPI banking online. I am afraid i could not find it in their drop down menu. Thanks and God bless.
Gemmalyn Pablico [Entry]

Im requesting your office for a copy of my birth certificate but my birth certificate got corrections but already ammended. How could I attached the finality?
judith abraham [Entry]

Hi....i want to get birth certificate and cenomar online.......pls help me..thanks
Pete [Entry]

What if I only want to know if a PARTICULAR PERSON really exists? Can I just ask and pay NSO to tell me if a person really do exist if they have a record of a name that I will provide? Is that possible? Anyone? TY
Grace Taglinao [Entry]

Can I pay in metrobank over the counter?
hkl001 [Entry]

Hi! That does not work 100 % fine. I recommend to get the document directly through the office by talking to the employee working there face to face and to calculate a lot of time and money. The authorities over here are occupied most by employees who are not well educated so you get always wrong informations because these employees do not like to admit that they are out of knowledge or not knowing the correct answer. It makes lot of sense first to get that knowledge by yourself and to print out the laws and instructions so you can force the employees to proceed following the law. I got the German passport for my son who was born here in the Philippines (Cebu) and I needed the birth certificate of the hospital which was confirmed by the notaree. I accepted that I am the son of my son and my wife confirmed my acceptance. We did that in the German embassy. The all other paperwork like passport and birth certificate from my wife I showed to the German office directly in Germany. They accepted there the original documents without any problems or discussions as all what I told them I was able to prove. So I got the German passport already. The Philippine authorities are still working on registrating the birth certificate at NSO... first they sent me to Tacloban. There they sent me back to Cebu... and they are still not done yet as they are bad educated and they do not follow the own laws. And then of course they tell me that they have some friends sitting somewhere who needs support to proceed this and that. So finally my son who was born in July 2013 still does not have a philippine passport. And so he cannot travel normally to other countries. Is that the way of freedom the authorities are providing to the citizens? I am happy that my son has his German passport. And it is a shame that the Philippine authorities did not even proceed the registration of an easy birth certificate. Better not to be dependant from Philippine authorities.
jose [Entry]

Dear Sir /Madame

I'm contacting you because i requested for the second time for a birth certificate
to sub-mete on the Portuguese register office in Portugal for registering my son for double citizen.
In reality i received copies. after i authenticated the copies on department of foreign affairs
and i submitted on Portuguese registry, they refuse the copies claiming: we don't except copies of any documents. can you please ask for original .
Can you imforme me please, if you can send original birth certificates? if yes were i will apply for the original birth certificates?

thank you for your time and consideration

i look forward to hear from you

Allan Licudan [Entry]

Hello. Can I also ask for certified true copies together with the original NSO birth certificate? I also need them for immigration. Please email me on how to do that. Thank you.
Lorna A. Magaway [Entry]

Hello po,
I just wanna ask what to do if my husband birthdate in NSO Birth Certificate is different from what he is using. He inquired in Local registrar's office and they found out he has 2 records of different birthdates. They advised him to submit the registration to National NSO to correct the said date. But it will take 3-4 months according to them. Can this not be settled through affidavit or is there any faster way to correct it? I found it urgent as they need to apply passport as a requirement for my Permanent Resident Application here in Canada. Thank you so much.
Best Regards,
jamayca lonia espina [Entry]

what are the other options in paying for NSO if I don't have a bank account or card..?
Guest [Entry]

jamayca lonia espina, deposit the payment to any BDO or Unionbank branch.
Ronelia lucasan [Entry]

Just wanna ask how to apply a late registration for my mother which is 57 yrs old..we went to her province and we cant get any records of her birth...i saw your requirements on line but it seems so complicated...can you simplify it for me...thank you so much for reading this nd i hope to get any information as soon as possbile coz i need to go back to work in canada in few weeks i want to get this done before i left...thanks again...
Melita Cordero [Entry]

Dear Madam,

I was trying to request the birth certificate of my sister online but only the ICONS of Census are showing but below options are not showing.

Awaiting your reply.

tiffany [Entry]

what if I applied online but I paid it 2weeks after my online application. Will my request form still be accepted?
sheena espiritu [Entry]

Gud day..i would just like to ask how am i going to get NSO birthcertificate?i was born in hongkong and have been regsterd there but i wasnt able to get the hongkong citizenship..i am now living here in the philippines since i was 7years old..everytym i got to apply all i am presenting is may birth regstration in hongkong but now i want to apply in one school but unfortunately they are requiring for an NSO BIRTHCERTIFICATE please help me how am i going to have one..please
donna [Entry]

how to apply late registration of birth certificate via online?
Ruby anne [Entry]

I just want to verify first, if my 2 daughter has their birth certificate. I dont know if the hospital forwarded it to the local registry.
Amante Naranja [Entry]

hi po. i month kuna po pinasa SA NSO ung documents from civil registrar ng antipolo. puede kuba malaman kong ok na ung birt certificate ng anak ko. pina bago ko ung apoliyedo nia. na dapat apoliyedo ko po ang nakalagay. sobrang tagal po ng proceso kaya pwedo kubang malaman kong ok na.
vivian [Entry]

my son has GENDER issue that he was a female in his birth certificate. i have heard there is a procedure in correction of entry, please advise me what to do. thank you so much and have a good day. hoping to hear form you.
michelle fantilanan [Entry]

nagkamali po sa letter ng apelyido panu ko po ito mapapalitan naka register po kasi PANTILANAN ang tama pong spelling ay FANTILANAN magpapalit po ako ng isang letter magkano po ang kailangan kong bayaran.salamat po
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