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How I bought a house through blogging with Google Adsense earnings

Most bloggers don’t tell the things and the properties they bought with the money they earned through blogging with Google Adsense. Some of them might be afraid to show the fruit of their labor in blogging. The reason might be to protect their valuable assets (their blogs) from their competitor’s envy. Unlike others, here I am who want to share with you the fruit of my intense blogging effort – the house I bought. I don’t want to brag. I want to inspire others that blogging can really help you achieve what you really want in life.

Start-up Struggle in Blogging

I worked as a Busboy in certain restaurant and sold some personal stuff online before I started blogging. I worked hard while I studied in college to cope up with my finances. I was just an average guy with no honors in my high school and college days. But I loved computers.

I started blogging in September of 2010. It wasn’t easy to start. I had to learn so much new knowledge and new skill. I read a lot of articles and ebooks about web development, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO) and how to make money through blogging. I had also watched video tutorials on how to make a website: about learning HTML, CSS and PHP. I did that for many months. Until now, I never stop learning new about web development and blogging.

Little by little, I implemented my learning to my website development. I availed a hosting service and bought a domain name. Then, I successfully set up a website. When I set-up my website, I didn’t even know how to make money from it. I just created a website just for a sense of achievement for knowing how to create a website. It was not my intention to earn money at the start. You know what motivates me to create a website? It’s the fun of learning new things.

Then, I started blogging in my website. I wrote different types of content that interested me. I didn’t even have excellent English writing skills. As you noticed, I wrote broken English. But I was persistent not to be hindered by my incapability. I blogged…blogged…and blogged. I blogged about things and simple solutions of usual problems.

Google Adsense Application

Few weeks after the launch of my blog, I applied for Google Adsense. They approved my application but I had a problem in receiving my Google Adsense PIN mail. I didn’t able to receive my PIN after a month. I checked my Google Adsense account details. I told my problem in the Google Adsense forum and someone replied. Thanks God! The real problem regarding my PIN mail was my exact and detailed address. Now, I knew where I went wrong. I edited the recipient’s address of my Google Adsense account. I waited another month. One day, I was surprised I received my Google Adsense PIN mail. I could now claim my earnings from Google Adsense.

Development of My Blog

Started from zero, the number of my blog visitors grew as months passed by. I blogged frequently and I commit myself that I should earn money as much as I can. I worked so hard to increase my blog visitors and increase my earnings. I never stopped developing myself.

Earning money online was not easy at the start. You have to work hard and spent more than eight (12) hours a day to get the desired earning you want. I even spent many sleepless nights in developing my website.

The Decision to Buy a House

In September 2011 (take note that I started blogging in the same month last year 2010), when my online income in Google Adsense reached to the point that I could afford to buy a house, I decided to get what I wanted and badly needed – my own house.

My wife and I searched in the internet for a new house we planned to buy. We saw a house we liked and we could afford to buy in a buy and sell website. It cost a whooping two (2) million Philippine pesos (almost 45,000 US dollars). We called the owner through phone. The day after we saw it, we visited immediately the house.
House bought through Blogging

Description of the House

I had positive impression about the house. I loved the ambience, the space and environment surrounded the house. It situated near a rice field. I can feel the nature-friendly environment. Houses in the neighborhood were 40 to 100 meters away. So, loud noises from neighbors couldn’t be heard enough. The house is located at Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.
House bought through earnings in Google Adsense
This is the house I bought through my earnings in blogging with Google Adsense

The lot area was 164 square meters. It was a very simple concrete one-story house with two (2) bedrooms and one (1) comfort room. I decided to buy this house worth two (2) million Philippine pesos (almost 45,000 US dollars).  The price was cheap enough compared to other houses sold in the market. That was why, my heart decided to build my own family here in this house.

And also the good thing was that Mrs. Nenita (the owner of the house) required no down payment.  At first she asked me for a 10% down payment but I humbly told her that I had no money for a down payment. I only had money enough to pay for the monthly installments. Thank God, she agreed for having no down payment with the house.

The Process of Buying my First Home

My decision to buy the house was not yet fixed. I thought of it over and over again. I secured a sketch plan and Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) from the house owner. I furnished another copy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) from the office of the Registry of Deeds in order to verify if the house has encumbrances such as; it has been pawned or made as collateral in a bank loan. No encumbrances were listed in the TCT. So, I concluded that it was a clean title and I made the decision to buy the house.
House Sketch Plan
Sketch Plan of the House and Tax Declaration of Property
Transfer Certificate of Title or TCT
Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) of the house
Registry of Deeds Assesment Form
Registry of Deeds Assessment Form for securing TCT of the house

We made terms and agreement with the owner. Then, we went to a lawyer and created the Contract to Sell. I was paying 12,000 pesos monthly (that’s almost US$300 dollars) good for 15 years.  (If you want to know the secret of how I bought the house with no down payment, I’ll tell you in the next article).
Contract to Sell of the House
Contract to Sell of the house

Google Adsense – My Financial Blood

I thank Google Adsense so much for approving my application and sending me my online earnings per month. Without Google Adsense, I might be renting an apartment somewhere else until now. They show me the real meaning of hard work and the real meaning of earning money from home. They inspire me everytime I see my online earnings increases. As my Google Adsense earnings increases, my motivation for writing more useful articles also increases.

I remember when I was working as a Busboy in a restaurant. No matter how hard I work, my income remains the same. No work, no pay. But with Google Adsense, as I worked harder, my income increases. No work, they still pay.

Do you also earn money blogging with Google Adsense? Can you share to us how it changes your life?

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