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How to Get Death Certificates/Records in Cebu...

Provided here are the essential information and steps in getting death certificates in Cebu, Philippines

(Picture) This is only a sample Certificate of Death
The actual Certificate of Death (COD) of Cebu may differ from this.

This service issues certifications related to death as on file with the Civil Registry Office, certified transcription, certified copies of records on file per Administrative Order 1, s. 1993 of Act 3753.

CLIENT/S : Cebu City residents/Parents or authorized representative

Oscar B. Molo, Registration Officer
Contact/Telephone Number: 232-6664
LOCATION : Office of the City Civil Registrar (OCCR) Cebu City

AVAILABILITY :   Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM- 5: 00 PM


  1. Valid ID with picture
  2. Authorization Letter w/ valid ID of document owner/parents for authorized representative
FEES (How much to pay for getting Death Certificate):
  1. Php 50.00 for local use;
  2. Php 100.00 for use abroad

Follow these steps…
Wait while Person-in-charge…
It will take…
1. Get request forms (RF) from W1 and fill-up data
1. Hand over request form.
Janice Dingding
2 minutes
2. Pay at Window 3
2. Issues Official Receipt (OR).
CTO personnel
10 minutes
3. Submit RF and OR to Window 2 for verification of ID, authorization letters and data and assignment of Transact No.
3. Receives and assess documents submitted.

4. Assigns Transaction number.
Jerene Montejo
5 minutes
4. Place accomplished RF in box at window 9
5. Searches the record, encodes, prints and have it signed
Glenn Morales
3 minutes
5. Wait as record is searched,  typed out and signatures affixed
10 minutes
6.  Get issued document/s  at Window 8 when called
6. Releases document.
3 minutes

Source: Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook
This information appeared first on the 2009 Version of the Cebu City Citizen's Guidebook published by the Cebu City Government through the efforts of the Mayor's Management Team.


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My fathers name was Steven Austin Gore. He lived in the Phillippines until he died in 2011. I would like to receive a copy of his death certificate just for my own records. If there is any way you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

john walker [Entry]

My Father Died the day after the typhoon of a heart attack His name was John Walker he lived in cebu is their a death certificate their for him
Judy Mattern [Entry]

My brother Paul John Joseph Joyal died in the Philippines on August 24, 2012. Can you help me to get a copy of his death certicate in Canada. Would like to add it to our family Bible. He lived in the Province of Cebu.
linda [Entry]

oh yeah, i forgot, could i have your address please. thank you again
linda [Entry]

Sir/Ma'am, we, (my siblings and i) would like to obtain a death certificate of our father and mother and also their marriage certificate. One of the requirements is the authorizaton letter. Could you please give us some guidance as to where to obtain these authorization letters. thank you kindly.
kevin burns [Entry]

I live in the USA.`A police officer Romeo Abellana told me my fiancee die April 10, 2011. please, can I call you or get an email from you. Her name was Grissalyn Claudel Unson AGE 27. Please Could you help me. know for sure. thank you for your time.
Anonymous [Entry]

To Affordablecebu..

can i have favor on u guys??!

i have a problem finding this person.. i mean i live in a far place and i cant get or know her date of birth and date of death.. can u help me guys??!

this is her name..
ancelma camonio landeza

living in inayawan cebu city..