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How to Get Police Report During Vehicular Accident in Cebu City, Philippines

This service is to record all data of driver, motor vehicle, pedestrian and properties that are involved in vehicular traffic accident or give result and findings of who's liable of such accident. (This applicable only in Cebu City, Philippines.)

(Picture of a Car Accident) Vehicular Accident Police Report in Cebu City


Owner/driver/operator of vehicle

Contact Persons
Roy Sesante
Jerry Arthur Ranay
Contact/Telephone number: (032) 254-9985

CITOM Engineering Office back of CITOM bldg.

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Duration of the Service
1 day, 2 hours and 41 minutes

Requirement in Getting a Police Report of Vehicular accident
Citation Ticket

Procedures o How to Get Police Report During Vehicular Accident in Cebu City, Philippines

Follow these steps...
Wait while Person-in-charge...
It will take...
1. Proceed to Investigation office to get data.
1. Checks record on logbook

2. Investigate

T/E Manuel Tagaan
1 minute
2. Proceed to the in-charge of requesting Police Report and get requesting form.
3. Give requesting form.

4. Fill-out requesting form for Police Report
PO3 Anabelle Dumaguit
1 hour
3. Proceed to TVB, ground floor, window 2.
5. Issue official receipt.
TVB Cashier
5 minutes
4. Give written data to cashier (OR No. of Police Report and Documentary Stamp).
6. Record Payment (OR No. and Documentary stamp)
Police Report
Record In-charge.
5 minutes
5. Go back to Investigation section
7. Give a claim slip to the client

8. Advice a client to come back tomorrow for releasing of Police report

9. Type the police report
PO3 Anabelle Dumaguit; In-charge of requesting police report -

Typist (Investigation personnel)
1 hour

1 day (for release)

20 minutes
6. On the scheduled date of release, get the police report
10. Releases the police report.
PO3 Anabelle Dumaguit
10 minutes

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