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How to Get Dog Permit To Travel in Cebu, Philippines

If you travel with your dog by sea (ship, ferry boat) or air (plane), the authorities in the ship or plane will require you to bring a Permit to Travel/Transport of your dog. Without the permit, your dog is not allowed to be transported. So, you must get this permit to avoid inconvenience. Here's a short procedure on how to get a Permit to Travel for dogs in Cebu-Philippines.
1. First, it is required that your dog has an anti-rabies certificate or vaccination certificate. It means that your dog is vaccinated with anti-rabies from a certified veterinarian or from the officials of the City/Municipal Agriculture Office.
Sample of Vaccination Certificate:
Dog Vaccination
Dog Vaccination Certificate 2
2. Go to the Bureau of Quarantine (located near Pier 1 - Cebu City) and bring the anti-rabies certificate. If it's your first time to go to the said office, just ask someone in Pier 1 where is the Bureau of Quarantine located.
3. In the Bureau of Quarantine office, request a Permit to Travel. Requesting or getting the permit is free of charge. If you have a big heart, donations are accepted.
Are you having a problem getting a Permit to Travel for your dog(s)?

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Retse   (13 September 2019 6:35 PM)

Is that ok that I will just bring complete record vetcard ? The Bureau of Quarantine will agree ?

Jibony C. Patria   (01 April 2019 4:18 PM)

Hello Good Day!

Pwede ra ba maka request Permit to Travel ang Dog nga dili pa vaccinated kay one Month paman and Dog.


Yel   (09 December 2018 1:10 PM)

I’ve read that 14 days after anti rabies pa allowed mu travel ang puppy? Is this true? Or ok lang less than 14days?

Droz   (09 August 2018 8:48 PM)

Hi, good day! Kinahanglan ba dad on ang pet kung mag request ug permit? Okay ra ba maka request 1 day before sa travel date? And sa Pier 1 ba or Pier 2 mag request? Thank you.

Aldin   (02 July 2018 12:43 PM)

Good day pwd ba ma travel ang dog 5days after sa vaccination?ang mka kuha ba ta ug permit sa quarantine?

admin   (02 July 2018 1:02 PM)

hi Aldin, yes. pwede ma-travel. And pwede makakuha ug permit sa quarantine.

NAROBI   (27 March 2018 1:56 PM)

i"ll travel to Bohol with my dog probably tomorrow, my question is, does travel permit has expiry date? because i'm planning to stay in Bohol until April 1. And is bureau of Quarantine open on holidays and weekend?

Reena Labucay   (26 March 2018 9:32 AM)

The correct number for Animal Quarantine is 255-0640. Please do not call 232-2072 or 233-4283 because that number is for Human Quarantine

rezia   (05 December 2017 1:05 AM)

I had my dog vaccinated around feb but we will travel this December. is that okay to get a permit still? I still have my dog's anti-rabies certificate. thanks

Yuko. N   (29 June 2017 5:26 PM)

Please tell me the contact number of the animal quarantine station.
If possible, it's also at the airport.
Next month I will go to Cebu by plane

Lance Cordero   (18 April 2017 8:15 AM)

Good day po, ano po ang process para makakoha ako nang Permit to travil nang African Nightcrawlers from cebu to ormoc , dahil ko ba ang African Nightcrawlers sa office ninyo ?

Lance Cordero   (18 April 2017 8:07 AM)

Good day, ano po ang contact number nang offfice ninyo ?

george reyes   (18 November 2016 10:16 PM)

Good day po, pwede bang I travel yong puppy a day after vaccination? If hindi po, kailan ang pwede? Salamat po.

admin   (19 November 2016 11:20 AM)

Yes, george.

James Webster   (23 September 2016 3:22 AM)

My wife and I are thinking about bringing our small dog to Cebu next year after I retire. What are the requirements we need to do ahead of time to make this process as simple as possible?

Lance   (07 August 2016 11:49 AM)

Can I travel my puppy 2 days after vaccine?

admin   (08 August 2016 12:19 PM)

Yes, Lance.

Lance   (06 August 2016 12:41 PM)

Pwedi naba e.travel yung dog 3days after vaccination?

Lance   (06 August 2016 12:39 PM)

Can I travel my puppy 3days after vaccination? Reply asap!!!

admin   (07 August 2016 8:21 AM)

Lance, yes.

nio   (27 November 2015 4:10 PM)

I went to the quarantine they dont want to issue a permit i have completed the requirements nmn..

liz   (21 October 2015 3:25 PM)


do I have to get a permit from pier 1 even if I am traveling via Toledo or should I just secure a permit from quarantine desk in toledo?

tess tanaka   (06 April 2015 12:30 PM)

do i have to bring my dog with me upon requesting this permit?
my dept. is today, what time will it be close.
please reply asap..
thank you

admin   (06 April 2015 7:40 PM)

tess tanaka, no need to bring the dog upon requesting Permit to Travel in the Bureau of Quarantine. Just bring the anti-rabies certificate.

kiah   (20 May 2014 9:07 AM)

Do i have to bring my dog with me upon requesting the said permit?

Flo   (11 May 2014 1:03 PM)

Would you happen to know what time will they close?