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How to Apply for Postal ID in Cebu, Philippines

Applying for Postal ID in Cebu is never been easy. You already know the Filipino culture, very slow and putting off jobs tomorrow for what they can do today. Not only that, postal id processing is manually done. Unlike other foreign countries that utilize automated processing system. That's why here in the Philippines, it takes a week or even 2 weeks to get or receive your postal ID in Cebu. To get your postal ID, just follow the steps below.

Step 1

Below are the requirements needed before you can get your postal ID here in Cebu. Secure them first before going to the postal office.
  1. NSO Birth Certificate (original and a photocopy)
  2. CEDULA or "Community Tax Certificate". You can get this in Cebu City Hall. Just ask somebody there in Cebu City Hall where to get the CEDULA. You can get it for a cost of 34 pesos (this is year 2010). I don't know how much is the issuance of CEDULA at present.
  3. Barangay Clearance. Reserve a photocopy of this. You can get the Baranggay Clearance in your Baranggay Office.
Note: You don't have to bring ID pictures. The Post Office have their own way in getting pictures of you. Actual picture shooting will be done inside the Post Office. And the fee or payment of the pictures is already included in the over-all payment of your Postal ID. Read below.

Step 2

If you already have or secure all these requirements, prepare at least 600pesos for the Postal ID fee. There are 2 ways of getting your Postal ID in terms of time. You can either get it "rush" (pay 558 pesos) and receive your Postal ID after 3 working days only or you can get it "not-rush" (pay 338 pesos) and receive your Postal ID after 10 to 15 working days.

Step 3

If you already prepared the payment, you can now proceed to the Postal Office in Cebu City. The address of the Main or Central Post Office in Cebu City is in San Roque. It's located beside Fort San Pedro and Malacañang of the South near Pier 1. See the map below:

View Larger Map
Map of Main Post Office in Cebu City, Philippines
For a better grasp of what Post Office in Cebu looks like, here is the picture of the Post Office Building:

Picture of Cebu Central Post Office (credit to smithryanjohn - Panoramio)

Step 4

Inside the Cebu Central Post Office, just ask someone there where to get or secure your Postal ID. You will be instructed on what to do.

Step 5

To claim your postal id, you will wait for 3 working days (for RUSH) or wait for 10-15 working days for non-RUSH. Then, go back to the postal office to get your postal id.

If you successfully get your Postal ID, this is what it looks like.
Postal ID in Cebu, Philippines_front view
Front view picture of a Postal ID in Cebu, Philippines

Postal ID in Cebu, Philippines_back rear view
Rear or back view of a Postal ID in Cebu, Philippines
This Postal ID will expire in 3 years.

Here are some important details of the Postal ID which are printed at the back side:
  1. This card, issued exclusively by the postal service, is recognized as proof of identity for post office business.
  2. Postal administrators are not liable for the the consequences of the loss, theft or fraudulent use of this card.

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Jhemarie   (23 November 2018 0:00 AM) [Entry]

Apply for Postal ID

Ariel acedera ucab   (15 April 2018 7:44 PM) [Entry]

Paano maka register ng postal I'd dito ako sa cebu ,talisay city plss text my number 09352464912 I willing to apply

Faith   (25 April 2017 5:42 PM) [Entry]

Good day.

good boy   (22 March 2016 6:46 PM) [Entry]

This post is too old. This needs to be updated. You don't need cedula to get postal id.

MaikelG   (12 November 2015 2:25 AM) [Entry]

I was working in regular job last 12 years and saved nothing. Now i'm working online, quit my regular job, and make average $4800.

Marivel   (28 August 2015 8:01 PM) [Entry]

Halo good evening.. mam/sir. I just ask if its ok if I ask fevor to my sister o brother to get a postal id for me. But I give all my documents.. it ok.. ammh also. Is in lapu lapu mactan have also postal office,,?? Pps need your reply..YOUR BLESSED..

Czarina Belle Buniel   (25 July 2015 9:42 AM) [Entry]

I want to get my postal ID here in cebu. I am from Surigao. Can I use my cedula and barangay clearance issued from my place for me to get my Postal ID here in cebu?

Marie joy J.Besin   (18 April 2015 2:40 PM) [Entry]

How to create my postal id in online?

Maria Alice Deckson   (26 December 2014 11:55 AM) [Entry]

how to create my postal id online ?

Maria Alice Deckson   (26 December 2014 11:49 AM) [Entry]

its ok to create a postal id even im minor ?

Sandra Casterán-Pesch   (02 September 2014 3:24 PM) [Entry]

can foreigners apply for a postal id? if my birth certificate is in another language can I just present my passport?

Munchie Mallows   (17 July 2014 11:42 AM) [Entry]

[size=12][color=purple]What is the use of the postal ID? does it give me discounts during transactions over at the post office?

Robert Perkin   (11 May 2014 2:20 PM) [Entry]

What is the current rule on Postal I.D. for children under 9 years when the parent asserts a right to apply for the child since Phil Post requires the child to be accompanied by the parent who has the power to allow or deny the child's activity. I would like to get some clarity on this issue. Thanks

admin   (14 March 2014 8:34 PM) [Entry]

jurites dela cruz, yes.

AGRIPINO V. VILORIA JR/   (19 July 2013 9:35 PM) [Entry]


admin   (18 July 2013 9:49 PM) [Entry]

geraldine, yes. But make sure to secure and bring the requirements.

gine   (23 June 2013 1:59 PM) [Entry]

I got robbed last month and all my ID's is in my bag, include my postal ID. What should i do now? pls i need some help. Should i need to apply again or there's other way for that?

admin   (26 June 2013 9:56 AM) [Entry]

gine, you should immediately report your stolen postal ID to the postal office.

eden bartolome   (24 April 2013 2:12 PM) [Entry]

is it okay if I process my postal id in Lapu-Lapu City, even if I reside in Talamban Cebu City.

mysterious   (24 March 2013 8:32 PM) [Entry]

hello good evening, is there something to contact personally thru phone the assigned postman it our baranggay; since i cant catch him everytime i went to post office from cebu city here .. please send me a reply thru here or an email cesarbrusas_2000@yahoo.com ... just to know when he deliver me my ss id since it more than a year na... SS reply me that they dont marked it as returned to sender

admin   (03 December 2012 10:45 AM) [Entry]

ahsanie, as stated above, both original and photocopy of NSO birth certificate.

admin   (03 December 2012 9:26 AM) [Entry]

rubelyn, you must go to the postal office and ask for postal id replacement.

Don't forget to bring the necessary requirements:
> NSO Birth Certificate or any valid ID.
> Barangay Clearance
> CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate)

admin   (03 December 2012 9:24 AM) [Entry]

greg, you can renew your postal id. Just bring your old postal id, NSO Birth Certificate, Barangay Clearance and CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate).

admin   (26 June 2012 11:01 AM) [Entry]

ildex, you can either submit new or old NSO birth certificate. As long as it's NSO authenticated and not the Local Civil Registrar type.

Megan   (05 June 2012 1:02 AM) [Entry]

Hi, is it okay for students especially minors to get their postal ID?

admin   (05 June 2012 7:37 AM) [Entry]

yes, Megan.

cherry   (24 May 2012 11:08 AM) [Entry]

why is the system isnt good??
they still me the photocopy of my landlord and another barangay clearance...it makes me sick :(
im not happy with the service,no complete instruction was given to me..

Jobee   (20 February 2012 9:20 AM) [Entry]

how many hours does it take to process the postal ID application? are they open at noon too?

admin   (20 February 2012 9:23 AM) [Entry]

Jobee, it will take around 30 minutes including the photo shoot. It will also depend on the number of Postal ID applicants. The more the applicants, the longer you wait.

Jess   (20 February 2012 8:59 AM) [Entry]

Hi, is it okay if we use NBI clearance instead of Brgy clearance?

admin   (20 February 2012 9:25 AM) [Entry]

Jess, you need to submit a Barangay clearance and not the NBI clearance.

monique   (07 February 2012 12:12 PM) [Entry]

ah... ok thanks!!!

admin   (06 February 2012 11:19 AM) [Entry]

monique, there's another option where you can get your NSO birth certificate without requiring an ID. You can call 737-1111 (a Teleserv NSO Birth certificate delivery service) and request for NSO birth certificate. A call center agent will answer your call and process your birth certificate. You should give exact details when the agent ask you some questions. The agent will then require you to pay for the fee to your nearest bank, Metrobank, BDO, Unionbank or any bank you like. Just tell them what bank where you are going to pay. Prepare at least more than 300 pesos for the fee. It will take 2-3 days for the delivery through 2GO right at your doorstep.

monique   (06 February 2012 10:44 AM) [Entry]

Does the post office requires NSO authenticated birth certificate ?

admin   (06 February 2012 10:50 AM) [Entry]


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