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Gaisano South Mall Information and Contact/Telephone Number

Gaisano South Mall which was renamed into Gaisano Capital South is owned and managed by Henry Sy Gaisano and his sons, Benito Sy Gaisano and Edmund Sy Gaisano.

Picture of Gaisano South (Cebu) Mall. The mall is now renamed to Gaisano Capital South. Main Office is located here.
(Photo credit to fiscalplyder, taken on April 2, 2004)

Company Name:   Gaisano South Group of Companies
Company Address:     Henry Gaisano Bldg., Colon St., Cebu , Philippines
City/Town:     Cebu
Province/State:     Cebu
Country/Region:     Philippines
Zip/Postal Code:     6000

Contact/Telephone Number:     63-2-2548888
Fax Number:     63-2-2548899
Mobile/Cellphone Number (SMS):     63-9173230916
Contact Person (Department):     Mr. Job Canares(Engineering)

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Robert J Pierce   (30 October 2020 0:56 AM) [Entry]

I worked with Joseph Sy Gaisano at the Dow Chemical Company in Midland, Michigan, U S A during the 1970's. I would like to make contact with him to discuss (via email?) old times and I am now working with the Great Decisions program at our retirement community and will be the program leader for our meeting about U S /Philippine relations. I am sure Mr. Gaisano could help me better understand this topic. In any case, please pass my best wishes on to Joe and his family.
Bob Pierce

Antonette   (25 September 2019 11:36 AM) [Entry]

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Hoping to here from you soon.
Thank you very much

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John Mengry F. Valenzuela   (07 July 2016 11:33 AM) [Entry]

I applied for a Value Card to Gaisano Calapan almost a year ago and I paid for it. The Customer Service issued me the temporary card saying that the permanent card will be released after 6 months.

Since June 2016 I constantly trying to claim my permanent suki card but to no avail and they are consisting in saying that they have problems in CATSI, they local network provider. I asked the woman what is the best way to do to claim my card, the woman in Customer Serbice answered me "Di Ko Alam!" In my five times visit to Gaisano they always saying "walang network, di ko alam kailan."

Kakapikon lang

Jennifer Garcia-Laudencia   (10 August 2015 12:44 PM) [Entry]

I would like to inform you of the untoward behavior of your store personnel in Gaisano Capital San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. Last August 08, 2015 at around 6 o clock in the evening, I went to buy groceries in your store. I used an ATM saving card to pay for my groceries. Unfortunately, your cashier was not able to process the transaction properly and does not know how to process an ATM transaction, thus a problem occurred. The machine failed to print a receipt for the items which I had bought although the amount was already debited from the ATM Card.Instead of resolving the situation properly they insisted that I again hand to them my card which I refused as the problem did not emanate from me. I already paid my groceries and it is they who cannot give me my receipt. The situation called much attention. I demanded for a manager, supervisor or any officer in charge but no one came. Nobody talked to me except some the salesladies who did not introduce theirselves. They threatened me that I cannot leave the place without the receipt and they will not allow me to get my groceries if I will not give back ATM card so they can swipe it again. They subjected me to so much humiliation.It is as if I am a shoplifter, I was prevented from going away and when I insisted, even the guard at the main entrance prevented me from leaving. They allowed me only after sometime when after again demanding for the officer in charge no one came and so I was forced to call the police station for assistance and telling them that I am going to sue them for damages, and for various criminals cases. They were demanding from me a receipt which I am not obliged to give as it is not my obligation to give receipt but rather it is your store who should have the obligation to give receipt. Failing to give receipt I admit I told them that the next day I will file a complaint with the BIR against your store for failing to issue a receipt. In fact I am contemplating on filing several charges with your store regarding this incident as I was unduly prejudiced and humiliated by the harsh and discourteous treatment I received from your personnel, unless this matter will be immediately acted upon and resolved.Your staff obviously do not know courtesy,nor are they aware of the vision your company adheres to. They are not only slow to cater to the needs of your customers, and consider the convenience of your customers they also seem to not know what they are doing. The manager, or the officer in charge should also be held accountable to this mess. Had she been there the public humiliation that I experienced should not have happened. Had they been properly trained to consider the convenience of your customers and had the concern for all who comes to your store, they could have easily resolved the situation.

Ronald P. Beaudoin   (08 November 2014 6:42 AM) [Entry]

Dear Sir / Ma'am, on October 21st I bought a beautiful dinner table with 8 chairs for almost 29,000 php. It is a very fine quality wood and workmanship and it was purchased at Gaisano Mall in Koronadal City. However, my wife and I are extremely dissatisfied with your delivery service and also with your customer service who failed to resolve a damage issue. Gaisano Mall hired a third party delivery service and their delivery truck broke down. To make the delivery, the company chose to load the table and chairs in a Hilux pick up, in the middle of a rain storm. We were shocked when the truck showed up and we knew at once that there was going to be some damage. I asked the delivery people and Gaisano representatives to wait for me to inspect for damage before they departed. They did not wait. Upon drying the furniture with towels, we found one leg of the table had almost been broken loose and the bolts had ripped through the wood. I tightened the leg but feel that I may have issues with the leg coming loose in the future. There were many chips and scratches on most of the chairs and table. The wood and unprotected surfaces were soaked with water. I explained all of this to the Gaisano Customer Service. I would have rather waited a month for delivery in a proper truck with padding to protect the wood. This was extreme negligence on the part of the delivery service and I suggested that a documented complaint should be made against the delivery service and also that they shouldn't get paid for the job. I can't imagine what they were thinking to load this kind of table in a small Hilux! Gaisano Customer service said that they would send someone to touch up the chips and scratches but they never did. My wife and I feel very sad to think that we spent so much money for a high quality product and the proper care was not given to protect the product, but more so, we are so unhappy with Gaisano's Customer Service for not addressing the issue. I wanted you, at the Head Office to know what has happened at one of your malls.
Ronald Beaudoin
Koronadal City
09169748129 email: robeau62@gmail.com

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