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Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » Current Events » HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE (“ Inexpensive ways to please your mom on this Mother’s day”)
Dukeza_GrazildaDate: Saturday, 07 May 2011, 7:06 PM | Message # 1
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May 08, 2011 It's indeed a special day to our dear Mother's out there... smile

It’s traditional to us to give our Mother’s a bunch of flowers or other expensive gift from the stores. But in a way kind of expensive and yet only a mere presents with out the full content of one's feelings..I guess giving gift's it's not talk on what you bought and how much sum of money you spend on that gift.

Giving expensive gift doesn't mean that you already show your love to your mother..

In this special occasion…..Why not make this year a little different? Show your Mom how much you really care by doing something truly extra special and unusual for her.

Buying Expensive cakes, chocolates and flowers isn’t the only way to show your love to your mother.

Here are some basic and yet very effective way o please your mom on this special day.. smile :) smile

1) Being Helpful wink

Sometimes the best way to show that you care for your mom is to be a real help to her. This doesn’t always mean making her breakfast in bed.

It can mean a whole lot of other, little things. Go around the house and see what needs to be done.

Everyday our mother does all the house work while us children always busy on our own world.

In this special day how about stop your own stuff for awhile and replace your mom for a moment.

You clean the house that’s the basic…Clean the floor, cook breakfast, dinner and supper, make your mother relax for a while or you can ask you dad to take her on a date.

While you prepare the house and food so that when she arrive…I am sure she will surprised.
You might also be surprised how much your mother really appreciates the extra effort you do for her!

If you are a little handy, and there is something that your mom really needs done around the house, maybe you could do that for her. Maybe she wants someone that can accompany her to go at the grocery store..

Or since its Sunday your mom would wants you to go with her in church. Or there are so many things are there to be done around the home? There is always something right?

2) Plan Something Unique or Unusual with Your Mother.

Mother’s Day is also about spending quality time with your mother.

Many people tend to forget this and give the obligatory gift and leave it at that.

Why not, instead of just giving flowers, take mom out and do something fun? smile :) smile

Maybe your mom would like a picnic in the park, just her and the family. Or perhaps she would enjoy visitin some places she always missed. Or a salon whatever it is..

Surprise mom with these things, and you could be amazed at how much she appreciates the time you spend with her! It doesn’t have to be an expensive lunch out or any such thing. Be creative! You might be amazed at what you can come up with.

3) How about make a Special Gift for Mother’s Day

Ever thought of making something special for your mother?

How about pick up the inexpensive craft items.

You could, for example:

Make a special card or small book that contains pictures of you and your mom and gave this to her for that special day.

Make it into an album where you promise to add a page every year. Or maybe just make a large card with pictures of you and her or even a drawing or sketch if you are an artist.

Make a cakes or cupcakes and use icing and crave her name on or other special treat to go along with it.

I guess that will not cause a lot money. You can buy already made cup cakes the key to make it presentable are all depend on your creativity. wink

I know not all of us are creative but I guess as long that comes straight from the heart it would mean a lots for your mother.

This isn’t just for kids to do, either!

Adultsshould imagine how your mom would feel if you gave her one of these cards or did this for her.

There is no better gift than the gift of love; and spending your time dedicated to your mother is a great way to show that love!

Remember, just doing something a little extra is all it takes to really demonstrate love.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! flower :flower: flower

from: Dukeza_Grazilda

Dukeza_GrazildaDate: Saturday, 07 May 2011, 10:23 PM | Message # 2
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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MAMA PAPING YOUR NO.1 biggrin biggrin biggrin



flower flower flower

adminDate: Saturday, 07 May 2011, 10:34 PM | Message # 3
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Happy mothers day too to my Mama and to mama jemzkie... biggrin
jemzkieDate: Sunday, 08 May 2011, 1:27 AM | Message # 4
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happy mothers day to all the mama hehehe and to my mama we love u heart

to : khen,,,,,,,,,,,hmppppppp thank youuuuuuuuuu honey love love love

Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » Current Events » HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! TO ALL THE MOMS OUT THERE (“ Inexpensive ways to please your mom on this Mother’s day”)
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