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How to Run a Small Delivery Trucking Business
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How to Run a Small Delivery Trucking Business

It takes persistence and energy to run a small delivery trucking business. Many small businesses hire contractors to do their deliveries. Some of the things that you will need to run a small delivery trucking business are a delivery vehicle, a few tools, auto insurance, liability insurance and a helper if the items are large or heavy. If you enjoy driving, being on the road all day, and meeting new people then a small delivery trucking business would be a good choice for you. There are many large successful delivery companies today that started small with one delivery truck and now they have a large fleet of delivery trucks.
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Step 1

Your first decision to make is what type of product you want to deliver. There are small items that one person can handle to large items like refrigerators, stoves, and furniture that two people will need to make the deliveries. Decide which product would work best for you.

Step 2

Once you have decided on the type of product that you want to deliver than you will need to find your customers. Start by interviewing large delivery companies that hire individual contractors to make their deliveries. These companies usually will provide the customers and products to deliver.

Another choice is to find your own customers. Make calls to local stores that you would like to work for such as a small furniture store or an auction company. Ask if they would be interested in your services. Face to face is the best way to get a business owners attention. Stop in local businesses and explain your service and leave a brochure that explains your business and costs. Another form of advertising is to send your brochures in the mail to local business. Always follow up with a phone call if you mail out brochures.

Step 3

Leasing a delivery truck when you are first starting out is your best option. You will need to pay a down payment and then make monthly payments. Leasing will give you flexibility for adjusting your trucking needs to your business. After you have been in the delivery for a year or two you may want to purchase your own vehicle.

Step 4

You will need auto insurance and liability insurance. If you have employees you will need to purchase workmen's compensation insurance.

Step 5

Many small business owners do most of their own paperwork. There are computer programs on the market such as Quickbooks that are easy to use and will be able to handle your accounting needs from general invoicing to payroll. Another choice is to find a small accounting firm or individual to do your paperwork and taxes.

Step 6

Be courteous and polite to all of your customers. If you are running behind schedule for your delivery please give a call to your clients to update them on your delivery. Your phone call will be appreciated. Many times a customer will ask you to do something that you have not contracted for such as move a piece of furniture for them. Decide ahead of time if you would be willing to do a little extra if your customers ask.

Step 7

Learn the mechanics of proper lifting. Use safety equipment at all times. Invest in the best tools that you can afford to make your job safe and easy. Keep tools in your truck for minor repairs that come up.

Step 8

Small business owners will work every day morning to night if the business is booming. Try to always schedule a little vacation time or a few days off during the month to relax and recharge.

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Forum » Business Discussions » Business Tips and Advise » How to Run a Small Delivery Trucking Business
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