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How To Do your business without chasing prospects
angelakoDate: Saturday, 30 March 2013, 8:14 PM | Message # 1
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Are you aware that when you chase your MLM business lead that the instinctive thing for them to do is to run in the other direction? I
mean think about it! If a dog started chasing you, what would you do?

If any animal started chasing you, for that matter, what would you do?
If I came charging towards you would you just stand there?
would either move out of the way  as they say in the hood.
And that means to run in the other direction very fast.
So if
our instinct is to run when someone chases, then why on earth would you
think it is a good idea to chase your MLM business lead?

process of network marketing does indeed involve you getting prospects
to join your company. You cannot survive without this technique.
However, most network marketers are failing because they are going about
achieving this goal in the wrong manner.
It is more effective
if you have your prospects searching for you. If they look for and find
you, then guess what? You are or you have exactly what they are looking
for. You would not have to sell them on anything because they already
know what you are offering.

When you go to the grocery store,
don't you already know what you want to buy? No one has to sell you the
box of cereal for your kids. You went in already knowing that the store
sells that cereal and the kids need something quick to eat in the
The same goes for business opportunities. Let people
know what it is that you do and when they are ready, they will seek you
out and purchase from you.

Now the key ingredient is to help
these people with other aspects of their lives for free. If they do not
know how to create a blog, then show them how to do so for free. The
more information you give, the more they will trust you. If they trust
you, then they will buy from you.
Getting a MLM business lead to
follow on your team can take skill. Not rocket science; just skill.

Your skill needs to be how to present yourself as a trusting leader that
is there to help others succeed in their business.
Once you
have accomplished this, you will see that herds of MLM business leads
will come running after you instead of the other way around.

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Forum » Business Discussions » Business Tips and Advise » How To Do your business without chasing prospects (Effective Online Marketing to grow your business)
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