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How to Enroll for PNB Online Banking?

What is PNB Internet Banking Service (IBS)?

PNB Internet Banking (or PNB Online Banking) is one of the electronic services offered to PNB account holders. PNB Internet Banking allows you to make routine banking transactions like paying your bills, transferring funds and inquiring about your account balance securely through the Internet. Below are the steps on how to register internet online banking in PNB (Philippine National Bank).
But first you have must an account with PNB. Then, follow the procedures below.


1. To enroll for PNB Internet Banking, go to PNB website: http://www.pnb.com.ph/ . Click on "Enroll Now" link.

PNB online banking

2. Read the terms and conditions carefully and click on the "I agree” button if you wish to proceed with the registration.

3. Online registration requires you to specify any of the following accounts:
  • An ATM account
  • An account enrolled in PNB Phone Banking
  • A non-ATM account
    • Select the enrollment method which is appropriate and most convenient for you

4. You should register only one of your Savings, Checking or Time Deposit Account/s.

5. You will be asked to provide your personal details including address and contact information. You will be required to specify your preferred username and password, and your secret question and answer.

6. If you register using your ATM or Phone Banking account, you will instantly be given access to Internet Banking if you provide the correct ATM PIN or Telephone PIN.

7. If you register using your non-ATM account, approval and activation will take place within 24 hours or the next banking day.

8. After activation, you can log in to PNB Internet Banking through your username and password. It is important that you do not share your username and password with anyone.

9. If you have other PNB accounts you wish to enroll in Internet Banking, there is no need to go through the whole registration process again. Simply enroll them as your additional accounts.

10. For instructions on adding your other accounts to Internet Banking, click on "Enroll My Other Accounts” under the "My Accounts” menu. You may add your other Phone Banking Accounts, ATM Accounts or Non-ATM Accounts.

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Reidon   (01 June 2018 1:03 AM) [Entry]

Hi! I just want to register my ATM/Debit Card online, but the system always says "unable to process your request" both web browser and PNB Android App . What should i Do?

Presco L. Mediano   (10 May 2018 3:06 PM) [Entry]

Please i want to know if my account is still activated, thank you

Roda S. Manuel   (19 June 2017 12:24 PM) [Entry]

Help me how to log in

minda   (05 January 2017 11:51 AM) [Entry]

I've been trying for enroll in online banking with PNB for a long time now but I simply could not. I am based in the US and I opened my account when I took my vacation. I will appreciate any information on how to access my account.

subrata banerjee   (27 December 2016 7:02 PM) [Entry]

I want to open a new savings account in PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK,BOSE PUKUR,KOLKATA.What shall I do?

jc   (20 December 2016 1:01 AM) [Entry]

for those that only get a blank screen on the terms and condition, use a different browser like Internet Explorer. Google Chrome will give you a blank screen but Internet Explorer I got the full terms and conditions.

vijay sukhadeo chavan   (08 December 2016 8:02 PM) [Entry]

It is so good service

Liezel Tinunga Tautuh   (10 November 2016 7:17 AM) [Entry]

I'm trying to enroll

Michael Mosarbas   (08 November 2016 9:44 AM) [Entry]

I was trying to enroll in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank. I always encountered invalid atm card. What should i do?

Richard Cabrera   (02 November 2016 5:50 AM) [Entry]

i forgot my password and even the user name...is there is any possible way to open my online banking

Joel Balladares   (20 October 2016 8:16 PM) [Entry]

My problem is the page for the terms and conditions is blank. I tried to refresh it many times but still the same. I tried using my cellphone and on my laptop upon enrolling but still the same. What's the problem then? How to fix this?

norilyn   (29 September 2016 10:27 AM) [Entry]

I was trying to enroll in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank. I always encountered invalid atm card. What should i do?

Alice Abad   (25 September 2016 11:51 AM) [Entry]

Can you please send me the enrollment form for Internet Banking Enrollment?

Leanne Cecil Amat   (14 September 2016 7:40 AM) [Entry]

Hi. I was enrolling in personal internet banking in Philippine National Bank,I would like to ask why always invalid atm card number ang lumalabas when i submit na. please help me how to enroll in that internet banking. thank you.

marcelo ojas   (02 September 2016 10:53 AM) [Entry]


bailawan sultan dimaporo   (18 August 2016 4:29 PM) [Entry]

gusto ko lang mag open ..para na check ko kung dumadating na ba ang hulog sa akin na pera ...goodbless po sa inyong lahat

Alfie salalila   (16 August 2016 5:07 AM) [Entry]

Pano ko makikita yung balance ng ATM ko patulong naman please.

mayshel p panes   (07 July 2016 2:19 PM) [Entry]

How to nroll in pnb internet banking

Purva   (24 March 2016 10:16 PM) [Entry]

i have activated my existing account for netbanking but while logging in it is saying a message that 'default login' page is not recommended for you... i can only select Dashboard....please give me solution

Lilian Caylan   (28 February 2016 12:05 PM) [Entry]

I would like to have access online on my PNB account that I opened in the Philippines

Ramon ozaeta   (11 January 2016 5:07 PM) [Entry]

How to inquire my saving true internet please help me

Florabel   (30 December 2015 10:35 PM) [Entry]

I just received my new ATM card...i want to register for online banking but I cannot proceed because of error...system claiming indicating my ATM number and pin is invalid...any assistance please

girly r. monforte   (21 December 2015 9:12 PM) [Entry]

your in good hands

ilao delia gutierrez   (17 December 2015 2:51 PM) [Entry]

I have a checking account in your bank.How can i enroll for online banking?Can i have the IBAN No. and swift code no.


Ms. Delia Ilao

Francisco San Esteban   (11 December 2015 5:26 AM) [Entry]

How come I couldn't open using my userID and password.I want to check my saving account online and view my statement of account.


Francisco San Esteban

sharon therese lacerna   (04 December 2015 11:13 PM) [Entry]

i forgot the password and even the user name...is there any possible way to open my online banking

manuelmeriales   (04 September 2015 10:32 AM) [Entry]


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