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List of Insurance Companies in the Philippines

Insurance touches all our lives in a multitude of ways. It is an essential element in our present day life, securing our standards of living and the stability of our families, as well as our property rights. Everyone in this country (Philippines) feels the protecting arm in some form of insurance and most of us are affected by the many forms of its protection.

(Picture) List of Insurance Companies in the Philippines

That's how insurance companies place a vital role in our lives. It is therefore critical to have a wise decision in choosing what insurance companies that suit your needs. Here's a list of insurance companies in the Philippines that you can choose. The Insurance Commission in the Philippines certified their licenses for Year 2010 to 2011.


  • COMPOSITE (Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies)
  1. AsianLife and General Assurance Corporation 2010/26-R
    (Formerly: ATR Professional Life Assurance Corporation - name changed effective 31 March 2003)
  2. CLIMBS Life & General Insurance Cooperative  2010/1-R
  3. Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation 2010/50-R
  4. Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company 2010/54-R
    1. AsianLife Financial Assurance Corporation 2010/25-R
      (Formerly: All Asia Life Assurance Corporation -name changed effective 31 March 2003)
    2. Banclife Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/120-R
    3. Beneficial Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/117-R
    4. BF Life Insurance Corporation 2010/38-R
    5. BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation 2010/56-R
      (Formerly:Ayala Life Assurance, Inc.)
    6. CAP Life Insurance Corporation 2010/73-R
    7. Caritas Life Insurance Corporation 2010/116-R
    8. Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines 2010/61-R
    9. Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation 2010/12-R
    10. First Life Financial Company, Inc. 2010/84-R
      (Formerly: First Guarantee Life Assurance Co.-as of 2007 )
    11. Fortune Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/10-R
    12. Generali Pilipinas Life Assurance Company, Inc.  2010/88-R
    13. Great Life Financial Assurance Corporation 2010/75-R
      (Formerly: Nippon Life Insurance Company of the Philippines as of 2007)
    14. Grepalife Financial, Inc. 2010/30-R
      (Formerly: Great Pacific Life Assurance Corp)
    15. Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd., The  2010/66-R
    16. Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation 2010/34-R
    17. Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Phils.), Inc., The 2010/77-R
    18. Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Branch), The 2010/78-R
    19. Manulife Chinabank Life Assurance Corporation 2010/79-R
      (Formerly: The Pramerica Life Insurance Co., Inc.)
    20. Philam Equitable Life Assurance Company, Inc. 2010/55-R
    21. Philippine AXA Life Insurance Corporation 2010/52-R
    22. Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/76-R
    23. Philippines International Life Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/24-R
    24. Pioneer Life Inc. 2010/46-R
    25. PNB Life Insurance, Inc. 2010/60-R
    26. Pru Life Insurance Corporation of U.K. 2010/47-R
    27. Sony Life Insurance (Phils.) Corporation 2010/85-R
    28. Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. 2010/70-R
    29. United Coconut Planters Life Assurance Corporation 2010/108-R
    30. United Life Assurance Corporation 2010/33-R
  1. AFP General Insurance Corporation 2010/32-R
  2. Alliedbankers Insurance Corporation 2010/92-R
  3. Alpha Insurance and Surety Company, Inc. 2010/5-R
  4. Asia Insurance (Philippines) Corporation  (a) 2010/29-R
    (Formerly:  Asia Traders Insurance Corporation - name change effec. 23 June 2004)
  5. Asia United Insurance, Inc. 2010/81-R
  6. BF General Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/104-R
  7. BPI/MS Insurance Corporation 2010/86-R
  8. Bankers Assurance Corporation 2010/3-R
    (Formerly:Malayan Zurich Insurance Company, Inc. - name changed effec. 13 October 2006.)
  9. Blue Cross Insurance, Inc. 2010/51-R
  10. CAP General Insurance Corporation 2010/27-R
  11. CCC Insurance Corporation 2010/80-R
  12. Centennial Guarantee Assurance Corporation (b) 2010/103-R
  13. Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. 2010/105-R
    (Formerly: AIU Insurance (Philippines) Company, Inc.)
  14. Cibeles Insurance Corporation 2010/42-R
  15. Commonwealth Insurance Company 2010/8-R
  16. Corporate Guarantee and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/82-R
  17. Country Bankers Insurance Corporation 2010/49-R
  18. Eastern Assurance and Surety Corporation (a, b) 2010/88-R
  19. Empire Insurance Company  2010/40-R
  20. Equitable Insurance Corporation  (a) 2010/23-R
  21. Far Eastern Surety & Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/113-R
  22. Federal Phoenix Assurance Company, Inc.  2010/111-R
  23. FLT Prime Insurance Corporation 2010/65-R
    (Formerly: First Lepanto-Taisho Insurance Corp. - name changed effec. 11 May 2005)
  24. Finman General Assurance Corporation    2010/11-R
  25. First Integrated Bonding & Insurance Co., Inc.  2010/91-R
  26. First Nationwide Assurance Corporation, The   2010/4-R
  27. Fortune General Insurance Corporation 2010/19-R
  28. Generali Pilipinas Insurance Company, Inc.  2010/68-R
  29. Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Phils., Inc.  (b) 2010/112-R
  30. Industrial Insurance Company, Inc.   2010/110-R
  31. Insurance of the Philippine Islands Company, Inc.   2010/64-R
  32. Insurance Company of North America   2010/114-R
  33. Intra Strata Assurance Corporation   (a) 2010/107-R
  34. Investors Assurance Corporation  2010/95-R
  35. Liberty Insurance Corporation  2010/63-R
    (a) Not authorized to issue Customs Bonds
    (b) Not authorized to issue Judicial Bonds
  36. MAA General Assurance Philippines, Inc.  2010/57-R
  37. Malayan Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/2-R
    (Merged with Tokio Marine Malayan Ins. Co., Inc. on July 2, 2008)
  38. Manila Insurance Company, Inc. The  2010/41-R
  39. Manila Surety and Fidelity Company, Inc.  2010/18-R
  40. Mapfre Insular Insurance Corporation 2010/9-R
  41. Mercantile Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/100-R
  42. Meridian Assurance Corporation  2010/58-R
  43. Metropolitan Insurance Company, Inc.  2010/48-R
  44. Monarch Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/31-R
  45. New Hampshire Insurance Company 2010/109/R
  46. New India Assurance Company, Ltd., The 2010/99-R
  47. Northwest Insurance & Surety Company, Inc.  2010/21-R
  48. Oriental Assurance Corporation   2010/43-R
  49. Pacific Union Insurance Company  (a) 2010/74-R
  50. PGA Sompo Japan Insurance, Inc.  2010/37-R
  51. People's General Insurance Corporation  2010/93-R
  52. Perla Compania de Seguros, Inc.  2010/20-R
  53. Petrogen Insurance Corporation  2010/87-R
  54. Philippine British Assurance Company, Inc.   2010/14-R
  55. Philippine Charter Insurance Corporation  2010/36-R
  56. Philippine Fire and Marine Insurance Corporation  2010/53-R
  57. Philippines First Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/118-R
  58. Philippine General Insurance Corporation 2010/119-R
  59. Philippine Phoenix Surety and Insurance Company, Inc  2010/90-R
  60. Pioneer Asia Insurance Corporation 2010/62-R
  61. Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation 2010/17-R
  62. Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corporation 2010/16-R
  63. Plaridel Surety and Insurance Company  2010/13-R
  64. PNB General Insurers Company, Inc.   2010/44-R
  65. Premier Insurance & Surety Corporation, The   2010/72-R
  66. Prudential Guarantee and Assurance Inc. 2010/45-R
  67. QBE Insurance (Philippines), Inc.   2010/7-R
  68. R & B Insurance Corporation 2010/28-R
  69. Reliance Surety and Insurance Company, Inc.  2010/67-R
  70. Republic Surety and Insurance Company, Inc.      2010/106-R
  71. Seaboard-Eastern Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/98-R
  72. Security Pacific Assurance Corporation   2010/59-R
  73. Solid Guaranty, Inc. The    2010/83-R
  74. Standard Insurance Company, Inc.   2010/39-R
  75. Sterling Insurance Company, Inc.  2010/89-R
  76. Stronghold Insurance  Company, Inc.   2010/15-R
  77. Summit Guaranty and Insurance Company, Inc. 2010/94-R
  78. Travellers Insurance & Surety Corporation  (a) 2010/102-R
  79. UCPB General Insurance Company, Inc.   2010/6-R
  80. United Insurance Company, Inc.  2010/69-R
  81. Utility Assurance Corporation   2010/22-R
  82. Visayan Surety and Insurance Corporation  2010/101-R
  83. Western Guaranty Corporation  (a) 2010/35-R
(a) Not authorized to issue Customs Bonds

    1. National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines.  2010/97-R
    1. Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada  2010/71-R

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Margeretha   (10 September 2018 3:28 PM)

I'm looking for medical insurance.

Daisy Jalon   (21 August 2018 6:50 PM)

I would like to ask if PROJECT FINANCE INSURANCE CAMPANY is a legit?

Angelita portmann   (04 December 2017 4:15 PM)

Inquire po sana ako about sa private insurance nyo po,at anu po ba yong policy nyo ? Ang gusto nang asawa ko kasi yong sa medical sana

erlyn payos   (28 October 2017 12:40 PM)

ask ko lang po if legitimate po ba ang Majar Insurance Agency?

Oscar munsayac   (19 February 2017 6:39 AM)

I would like to confirm if cocolife insurance is accredited?

cham   (05 December 2016 1:52 PM)

I would like to confirm if Majar Insurance Agency is legitimate?

Richel Monteroso Lugay   (05 September 2016 6:25 PM)

To whom it may concern,
Good Day Ma'am/Sir !
I have concerns with this Life Insurance Company which is the Cocolife. Agents said that their company is a sister company of UCPB. Is it real? I've been trapped with their way of encouraging people to apply for their insurance. One of the agents named James said "will be checking first your credit card if it is compatible with our company" but sad to say that they made already a transaction worth P9,500 without my permission. I was shocked and I don't know what to do now. Please help. Thank You !

Eustaquio F. Alcabedas, Jr.   (01 September 2015 4:30 PM)

My car has the so-called CTPL or Comprehensive Third Party Liability coverage here in the Philippines with a Philippine car insurer.
I would like to know how complete is the coverage of this CTPL.
My car has undergone job repair with a mechanic but he were not able to return the car to me. Does this fall within the CTPL coverage?

Please response as soon as possible.

From Jun

charmae benarao   (13 May 2015 7:50 PM)

is there is GRAYLINE company ? because i am the member of Educational plan This is mu Maturity year in college and i hope we can use some of the money please help :(

Meenah Mee   (02 August 2014 9:43 PM)

can anyone help me to understand about the medical insurance of prudential guarantee insurance.. someone called me and offer about their product which is 500 plus pesos each enrollees .. and it will automatically deducted to a credit card and this person who called me know some of my details, and she explain to me that incase i had an accident i will receive a 5000 plus pesos for daily confinement..i havent received any forms from prudential guarantee company and never sign anything but i already have transactions from my cc.. is there someone can help me on this im afraid to be a victime of scam..btw i am liezel.

princess   (31 May 2014 4:20 PM)

kindly please help me to know if HARANISTA SA LUNTIANG LUNGSOD NG CABANATUAN AT KARATIG NG N.E, INC is a real or fake insurance company, because my parents believe that this is a real insurance company, but I think that was fake, is there any other way to find out if that is real?

irene p.   (23 May 2014 11:03 AM)

Does being just an SEC registered company makes an insurance company legal? Is there any other government agency that gives them the authority to sell? CAn someone educate me on this? with so many companies sprouting out and promises so many perks, just wanted to make sure that i am going to make a good decision. thanks and looking forward to any response.

cic   (08 May 2014 1:51 PM)

anyone to be non life insurance agent?

Randy Salentes   (21 March 2014 10:16 AM)

I have a motor shop specializing car painting. For those car insurance whose seeking an affordable painting services, please email me and I will surely give you the lowest price for our services.

manuel jarapa   (21 February 2014 11:48 AM)

Majar has 167 Branches Nationwide with SEC Registration No. cs200619639 and SEC No. CS200619825

manuel jarapa   (21 February 2014 11:47 AM)

Yes , Majar Group of Companies is a legal companies..........please refer to www.sec.gov.ph...

Bernard Orallo   (18 February 2014 7:58 AM)

Is PHILAC a cooperative insurance still in existence? Please sent me the address/tel nos..Tnx

elizabeth Masangkay   (05 November 2013 8:13 PM)

Can you please find out if Alliance Health Protection Management is really authorized company in the philippines?

dominador d. marcelo   (18 October 2013 4:45 PM)

what are the insurance companies that offers retirement or pension plan?

danilo disuanco   (01 September 2013 1:47 PM)

i want to know the present status of national life insurance company of the philippines. if it is now under a conservatorship,when is it going to be liquidated?

N. Estrada   (13 August 2013 12:55 PM)

How come Fidelity & Surety Co. of the Phil. is not in the list of non-life insurance companies?

carl   (30 July 2013 6:39 PM)


Evangeline Andeza   (25 July 2013 3:08 PM)

Is Life line insurance company still active

Cascal   (17 July 2013 3:33 PM)

Has anyone heard of the Phlipinnes Reinsurance Corporation, a company that apparently wrote reinsurance business in the late 1970"s. Does anyone knwo how to contact this company? Was this a former name of the National Reinsurance Corporation of the Phlipinnes?

josephine ejercito doctor   (10 July 2013 5:14 PM)


im searching a company that offers a medical insurance coz im going to travel abroad, where i cAN AVAIL IT.PLEASE HELP ME ,THANKS

adora   (10 April 2013 8:23 PM)

Hi, Travellers Insurance and Surety Corporation is the company that supposedly handles our bond for our NRLC labor case.May I know if this insurance company is legitimate and legal to transact business with NLRC?...You response will be highly appreciated..Thank you.

bebot   (04 March 2013 3:31 PM)

Is Philippine Fire and Marine Insurance active and a reliable fire insurance company?

erra velarde   (15 February 2013 7:57 AM)

does the prodential life still active?

Scarlette Castro   (21 January 2013 3:37 PM)

Just wanna find out if Majar Group Company is legal? Anyone know this company?

Michael Garcia   (20 December 2012 6:26 AM)

I want to sell insurance products. I have a team of sales professionals who are willing to join me.

How can I start.


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