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OFW Bank - Trust or No Trust
JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 11:17 PM | Message # 1
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Quote (EsoyLegaspi;12920838)
Very very very very very good question. Let's brainstorm. How do banks run their business ?? How do they trust their CEO's, CFO's, GM's, etc., How does Henry Sy run BDO ? Does he need to have "trusted" people? The CEO, CFO is an OFW or ex-OFW, down the line. All officers must submit all SALN's, his wife, brother and sisters, sons and daughters and father and mother, brother in law and mother in law. and fully audited-verified and published in the Internet. If you want to be a bank officer. All officers must submit to full transparency and verification. There will be a separate OFW independent auditing group.

There will be bad eggs along the line, but we will make it very difficult for bad eggs to survive. They will be detected immediately because an OFW-rotten egg, will always smell. All bank officers will have their SALN's posted in the INTERNET. Officers will be paid the best of pay in the Philippines very competitive like other banks.

If there is anything you can add to make it "corruption proof". We will have a battery of lawyers who will prosecute those who are caught stealing. We will publish the names of the family and family members of the cheater. These are the OFW officer who dare cheat the lowly OFW. Let the lawyers think about how to prosecute those things. That is what we pay them for. If you are OFW and you intend to cheat, think about this before dragging your family. We just saw that in the last trial of the century.

If you think that is not enough and too harsh or have a better suggestion post it. Or if you think we should be kind hearted to cheaters and be forgiving and love them, be understanding to cheaters and liars because we are also sinners and they should be treated fairly, let us know.

We don't need "TRUST" and "TRUST WORTHY PEOPLE" we need a "mechanism or process flow" to protect our "TRUST". TO GOD BE THE GLORY. ONLY IN GOD WE TRUST, ALL OTHERS MUST PAY CASH.(How about that - motto for the OFW bank)

Dear Friends,
just in case the above write up was embedded, I am reposting as a reply to issues recirculated and related to "TRUST", bad experiences and what to do with cheaters. Once again my position is that we DO NOT NEED TRUST(Kasaligan ?), there should be a process and a mechanism for bank-officers to manage and procedures to follow. Safe to say average of 50% of the people will always cheat and take short-cuts whenever they can that is a given. 50% of the people will cheat their companies if there are no rules that is a reality. Myself, I like to challenge rules and policies to see how determined companies are. I like to bend rules and see how creative management can get and will run after me.

Companies are spending millions for security guards annually to inspect and roam around company premises. Money lost for unproductive cause. Companies spend millions for accounting processes and payroll systems and counter checking time cards because of distrust on employees. Millions lost because of distrust. Why do we need time cards and security guards and recently CCTV cameras to watch over employees. Distrust breeds additional losses.

While I believe we want to create a culture of TRUST, we can achieve this "TRUST" by establishing guidelines and procedures if those who believe that people cannot be TRUSTED. If you think Bank Officers should not be trusted then this is simply solved by setting up a mechanism in place. A mechanism of check and balance. If that is not enough perhaps a process something like passing through the gold/diamond processing plant.

Hence, OFW-Bank will have a mechanism to handle TRUST. Later you will realize you don't need to worry about TRUST because you almost "virtually" did not put in anything. Dis-trust is old boxed thinking because you are afraid you will lose your investment. What if you did not "invest" anything, but will have so much to benefit from. Yes, that would sound ridiculous.

There is only one that is truly good and can be trusted. I bet most readers know who that "guy" is.
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