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There is no way down, but UP
JoelVasquezDate: Friday, 07 September 2012, 11:50 PM | Message # 1
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Think out of the box, think beyond your imagination, cast the bind of the baby elephant was conditioned to while growing up, in your heart and mind and body before you read the following. The Elephant in you has grown to be strong and better and more intelligent.
Why join OFW bank – a bank with no capital
a. Do you want to have a bank of your own and part owner where you are protected and not the interest of the capitalist, financiers and investors?
b. Do you want to have a bank that you get to share the benefits while being an OFW- depositor only?
c. Do you want to have a bank of your own that you have a voice and can share your ideas, develop a sense of security – togetherness with your fellow investors/depositors.
d. Do you want to have a bank of your own that will help you run your business, provide reasonable loan rates and nurture and guide you through your growing stage?
e. Do you want to have a bank of your own create a bond and working relationship you can run to in case of emergencies, instead of going to the loan sharks?
f. Do you want to have a bank of your own where you are insured while you are earning deposits. Banks insure those who owe them not those who deposit money. The premium for the insurance is actually paid by you and all the hidden charges that can shock the daylight out of you.
g. Do you want to have a bank that takes care of your children college assurance plan for a minimal reasonable fee? No need for too much profit, because it is your own bank.
h. Do you want to have a bank in case your business fail you’ll get a reasonable value for your collateral once disposed of by the OFW-bank? Buyers may also other OFW’s. There is no such thing a suicide sale.
i. Do you want to be a part of a bank that does not have to satisfy investors for their investments but only with reasonable returns? You are the investor and you are the reasonable investor. (Lugi and ginansiya – for the investor ?)
j. Do you want to be part of a bank that will help you build your quality homes in quality subdivision developed by OFW-developer, financed by OFW-Bank?
k. Do you want to be part of a bank without investing anything? ZERO outlay.
l. Are you applying for a job abroad and need help and protection for your placement fee?
m. Do you want to be fully aware of your bank officers who they are and the transactions fully transparent?
n. Do you want to be fully aware of the SALN of your bank officers, their wives, their children? Your bank officers are paid higher than industry standard. Transparency in the Internet.
o. Do you want a bank where you can fire your bank officer after due process?
p. Do you want to be part owner of a bank whose objective is service and support as priority, profitability as second?
q. Do you want to see how your bank is being managed in “real-time” and transactions that unfold before your eyes, , access documents anytime?
r. Getting more value for your money – every time you spend, part goes back to you, you spend less, you get more value for your money…
s. A bank that creates investment opportunities and stimulus for growth, it leads and supports strongly reintegration of OFW’s, what needs to be done and how to address this needs to make a seamless transition.

What more, what more can you do to make things better for you, for your fellow men, for your country. We need to think OUT OF THE BOX, FREE your minds with the "CONVENTIONAL THINKING". FIND WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE from WHOMEVER you think is your Big-Boss. DOWNLOAD your ideas and think, think, think of what you can do for the country, not blame and blame and blame the failures and misery of this country because of the Government, politicians.

There is one common enemy the De-ceives us all- De-mons and De-vils around us. Each one has to recognize this, we have to align our objectives of what we WANT to achieve and build a strong FOUNDATION. Thus before we talk about what structures of the organization, corporations, coops, who are the owners, BOD's, who can be trusted, who are to manage, etc., etc., etc., Think of what you WANT for this country. Think of what WE, WE, WE, can do for this country. A country so so rich, yet so so poor.

Surely, when you are at the bottom of the pit, there is no more down but only to the way up. WE CAN DO IT.

Added (07-September-2012, 11:50 PM)
Napoleon Hill said in his book Think Grow Rich that it is important to have a “master mind group” of like minded people who are after success in the same industry, your brain is like a "single-cell battery" by it self it is only limited to glow at a certain brightness but with a master mind core group, the battery has unlimited charge and shines brighter then ever!

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want - Zig Ziglar

Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right - Henry Ford

If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere - Zig Ziglar

My goal in this thread, is to build relationships and network with like minded people that are focused on creating success for themselves and their family, I want to create a “master mind” or a "core-group" of people so together we can be unstoppable in this industry. We can!

Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » General Discussions » There is no way down, but UP (Bank for the working class)
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