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How To Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant
jemelynbuanDate: Saturday, 12 May 2012, 11:23 PM | Message # 1
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Now, you too can Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant (VA) within months or weeks after attending the seminar (Manila, Cebu or Download it) below!

Depending on your skills, you can quit your day job quickly and
replace it with a work at home gig.

If you wish to come home and WORK FROM YOUR OWN HOME, then you've found what you're looking for. Please listen and watch this 1 hour free online presentation on how to become a Virtual Assistant. It gives you a TASTE of how I can serve you in this field.

For the past months, I've trained different kinds of employees --and helped them land online jobs that they can work from home --part time and full time. There's no waiting to change your mind from employee to entrepreneur, no need to read lots of books - just this one seminar - and the serious students immediately replaced their day job with a work at home "gig".

It's quickly from unemployment or underemployment to receiving minimum $250/month (P 10,000) to $700 (P 30,000) - per client - from your own home. We're not talking of "per project" here. It's a constant stream of income, just like an employee - without the negative traffic, bosses and office politics.

Do you like what you're seeing?

Then start by attending the VA (Virtual Assistant) seminar in Cebu, Manila or if you're far away, download the seminar.

A VA is your FASTEST way to going HOME and working and still earn in $$ (any currency really). I'm sure it will change your family life. More time for kids, spouse, the house! No office politics, no traffic, no uniforms (hey, I'm typing this with my pajamas on.). No storms, no wet umbrellas, no stranded in 7-11, no bad taxi experiences, no joining the office party when you're utterly bored with it all and hoping to win in the raffle is your only joy.

When you're at home, you'll rediscover your real joys, your family. And your own time.

But are you qualified?

The skills you need basically is that you're very familiar with the INTERNET and computers. That's it. If you are not afraid to explore the internet, knowing that nothing will explode if you do so, then you can be a VA. No kidding.

This Virtual Assistant Seminar is the Initial Training for VAs:

a. You'll know the requirements so you can be considered a good "candidate" to be a VA (physical, mental, skills, etc)
b. Websites and Skills and Programs you need to study because you'll need them as a VA
c. You'll know exactly what I tell my VAs to do, so you'll know the how easy or complex it is.
d. How to communicate properly with your offsite client (this is the most critical skill and attitude as a VA).
e. How to negotiate or justify your "rate" (how much you'll receive or want to receive as VA).
f. What two buttons on the keyboard will become your best friend as a VA
g. The correct daily attitude towards your virtual client to ensure smooth work flow and happiness for both of you.
h. How to make a shiny and effective resume for VA employment.
i. Common misconceptions regarding VAs
j. Personal positive and negative realizations of existing VAs (people I've worked with)
k. How to cope with the eventual overwhelm if it happens (work load)
l. You'll find out how I started in this VA business (as a client and trainer)
m. At the end of the session you'll be given a long assignment.

Fulfill that assignment within TWO MONTHS of the training.

Note: Again this is NOT a technical course. If I discussed ALL programs in STEP BY STEP fashion, it will take more than a month non-stop. This is the introductory course that you can build on. If you can investigate how to use (for example, SKYPE) a program on your own, then you're going to be fine as a VA. However if you need more training --more training programs (session 2 and 3) are coming up.

No hiring guarantees, just training.
1. Yes, there's no guarantee that you'll be hired in the end. That's based on the needs of the employer and your attitudes and skills.
2. Yes, this is exactly like any other work opportunity the difference being, it separates the serious person with a curious person. Serious people will do the assignment, curious people will not. Serious people will get a gig in a few months time - this is according to my track record.
3. My role is to give you an edge over any other applicants and allow you to just be a VA to one employer and still be happily working at home -- while earning what you want.


"How You Can Work From Home as A Virtual Assistant" Seminar
June 30,2012, SAT, 9am - 6pm (Now 1 hour longer!)
Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City,
How to go to Rosewood: http://www.bit.ly/rosewoodpointe
Two Snacks and Lunch Included

Special Fee: P 2,675/$61, pay on or before Friday, May 4, 2012
Come in pairs discount, just add P 1,500 for the second person
(Pay total of P 4175 / USD 95 only for pairs)
You may also deposit the amount above to BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario then fill up the details here: http://bit.ly/paymentdetails then email nikki@jomarhilario.com .
thianby23Date: Monday, 14 May 2012, 9:32 PM | Message # 2
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