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High Yield Maize Milling Plant Cost

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How does the high yield MAIZE MILLING PLANT cost ? The maize milling plant adopts dry method and mainly consists of corn cleaning section, corn milling section and corn packaging section. The corn dry milling process is a less versatile, less capital intensive process. In the corn milling process, the corn milling machine depends on one pair of opposite differential rotation to peel materials, extract the endosperm and mill corn kernels into fine ground corn meal.

Maize Milling Plant Features:

Corn cleaning ensures high purity maize germ, grits and flour. New type maize cleaning machine and destoner ensure maize the best processing condition and the highest purity for further maize milling process.

Dry milling process and high maize product yield. The completely dry method maize degermination, peeling, polishing and milling process ensures high yield of corn flour (75-80%), corn husks of 20-25%.

Corn mill plant realizes easy operation and maintenance.

Corn mill reduces equipment input in grain dampening and end products drying and makes the maize processing more sanitary.

Maize Milling Plant working process:

First, the plant needs to remove the impurities that adhere to the corn kernels surface, then polishes the corn kernels and makes them look more bright.

Next, the plant cleans the corn by once screening, once stone removing and once magnetic separation section to remove the big, medium and small impurities and the magnetic material from the corn.

Then, it goes into fine flour milling section, screening section and purification section.

Finally, you can choose manual packaging or electronic packaging according to your actual demand.

Maize Milling Plant End Products:

1. End products: grade corn flour and corn bran.

2. Products yield rate: grade corn flour 75-80%, corn bran 20-25%

3.End products index:

A. Corn flour fineness:40-200 meshes (the flour fineness can be adjusted)

B. Sand content:<0.02%

C. Magnetic metal content:< 0.003/kg

D. Moisture storage:13.5-14.5%

E. Fat content:0.5—1%

F. Appearance and taste: bright and golden color, fine powder, high quality and pure taste.


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