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Start Learning your Business Now
JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 09 July 2011, 0:15 AM | Message # 1
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I have been an OFW and indeed going back in the Philippines and searching for employment is very difficult as the family has been used to a standard of living that only an OFW salary can provide. Hence, if you are working abroad, through the internet you can learn so many things that you can bring with you in the Philippines.

I had been trying to look for some kind of business that I can start small within budget, in my backyard and grow, something I could learn from, make mistakes, be creative and not be afraid of the losses (tuition fee in learning), I was looking for something simple to operate and understand. I was looking for something that is not common and can be developed further. That is when I stumbled into Aquaponics - a hybrid process of Hydroponics and Aquaculture.

I enrolled myself 15 years ago in hydroponics class but found out that I would be dependent on the purchase of nutrients/fertilizers for the system, hence, if the sellers of hydroponics systems increase the price of the nutrients/fertilizers then I could not do anything about it. Thus hydroponics knowhow was set aside all these years. I would just have to buy my vegetables for now.

Then I tried to learn about fish ponds, and with the way they do it in the Philippines, it was very discouraging. That is, you have to look for a pond so many km from where you live, travel, prone to typhoons and flooding, soil analyses etc., etc., etc., But all these changed when I learned about RAS - Recirculating Aquaculture System - from the U.S. and other countries. All the disadvantages of the traditional system of aquaculture is gone. Philippines produce only 5 tilapia per square meter, RAS produce to 200's per square meter...

Later when I learned that I can merge the concept of RAS with Hydroponics things changed a lot, now I have a hybrid process combining Hydroponics with Aquaculture. Now I can have vegetables and Tilapia fish at the same time. I spent thousand of man-hours surfing the internet, visiting practitioners in Singapore, etc.,

Now, I have already gone quite a long way and can start teaching aquaponics - I left Singapore for good after clashing(getting fired) with my boss and will venture out with these newly created job for myself. Start now and learn your business...then fire your boss

adminDate: Saturday, 09 July 2011, 0:37 AM | Message # 2
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JoelVasquez, wow! you have that vast experience out there. It's a great way to learn from you. RAS is indeed a great technology for fish production. Your venture has a huge potential. I know you can calculate that. Even if you have only 10 sq meter land area, you can produce at least 2000 tilapya. And tilapya right now cost around 90 pesos per kilo. It's a huge money for that kind of venture. wow!

JoelVasquezDate: Thursday, 14 July 2011, 9:41 AM | Message # 3
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If only we can copy and paste this technology - and I believe we can and even advance on it, this will open new doors to the Philippine economy. Our technology still belongs to the age of our grandfathers and since then there has been no development such if you visit some of our government agencies.

Even if you have only 5 square meter you can make it like a high rise building, "condominium" style. You can visit BFAR and see how they piled up the drums horizontally with structural steel. So the foot print is small but you can climb up and move around structure. I wish I could paste the picture I took.

I tried copy and paste but it doesn't work. I'm a bit backward in computer...

Added (11-July-2011, 9:47 PM)
During the time of great depression in the 1930's in the US, the only people who had decent meals daily were people in the farm or those who owned farms. Now, with Aquaponics, we have a chance to produce our own food - fish and vegetables in our backyard, such that come - God forbid, great depression, pandemic, calamities, etc., we are able to sustain ourselves without outside supply of food. Food enough for each of the families that have prepared for these eventuality. History tend to repeat itself, and the wise should learn from history and the pattern it unfolds.

There was a time somewhere in northern luzon when an area was quarantined because of an epidemic, hence no one get in or out of a certain sector. Once again, God forbid, but should it happen we would be ready if we are able to produce our own food. The direction of environment friendly systems is towards - decentralization, such that energy - power plant is will now be produced near the source not the centralized system with long wires to power lines - dangling along the road.

This should also be the same with food production - not much dependence on the food supplied and have to be transported - with all the fuel cost and pollution to carry these from source to end user. This is what makes me quite passionate about pushing aquaponics to every one, every home and every family and every community. Healthy food now available at your backyard no matter how small it is, use your roof or fence or walls, - go for vertical growing or gardening - just like the hanging gardens of babylon.

Added (14-July-2011, 9:41 Am)
I can often read and hear comments about food business as a very good venture with comments such as you can't go wrong with food. I believe any business as long as there is dedication, planning and preparation would succeed. I asked every successful businessman and they well know that a business is not just something that is automated and will run on it's own when it is started. Unfortunately most of OFW's business according to DTI can hardly make it the first step.

What makes me quite passionate being in this food production business is that unlike other food business, live food production has no shelf-life, as long as the fish and plants are alive. It is self-sustaining, the plants feed the fish and the fish feeds, what better business is there when you have a sustainable renewable system - self generating (except for the feeds that can be reduced, as you grow more plants-no need to be dependent on external feeds, you can produce your own feeds-natural and organic).

JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 01 October 2011, 7:36 PM | Message # 4
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Vertical Gardening - creativity with limited space...

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victorDate: Thursday, 13 October 2011, 2:59 PM | Message # 5
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lets talk about business... start your own business in a minimal capital for 40 up to 60 thousand you can start your business.... In addition to that you can learn the right business system......

Interested Just call our office in cebu (032)412-4007
(032) 520-1043 or call or text 09236117217 and look for Mr. Victor Taperla .....

Our company name is Econcept Business Consultancy Inc. We are registered foodcart franchising company.......

Our office is located @ 2nd floor room 203 Lim's Brotherhood Foundation Bldg., Corner J Llorente Street, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City

Franchise now and start your business ASAP, this month is very suit to start your foodcart business

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/forum/25-762-1#1350#ixzz1ahVx2ZbB

Added (13-October-2011, 2:59 PM)
lets talk about business... start your own business in a minimal capital for 40 up to 60 thousand you can start your business.... In addition to that you can learn the right business system......

Interested Just call our office in cebu (032)412-4007
(032) 520-1043 or call or text 09236117217 and look for Mr. Victor Taperla .....

Our company name is Econcept Business Consultancy Inc. We are registered foodcart franchising company.......

Our office is located @ 2nd floor room 203 Lim's Brotherhood Foundation Bldg., Corner J Llorente Street, Osmena Boulevard, Cebu City

Franchise now and start your business ASAP, this month is very suit to start your foodcart business

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/forum/23-690-1#1353#ixzz1ahcCMaul

JoelVasquezDate: Monday, 28 November 2011, 10:49 AM | Message # 6
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Philippine Aquaponics
Tutorial on starting your own aquaponics

Title : Aquaponics Training

a. Who - Joel "Esoy" Legaspi Vasquez - Mechanical Engineer - OFW from Singapore, learned Aquaponics in Singapore -

b. What - Learn Aquaponics - Start to construct and finish it within budget,
- Operate and maintain and sustain
- DIY techniques to reduce costs using recycled materials, junks and scrap. (Low end solutions)
- "High end solutions" available for the "social and classy"

c. When - At agreed convenience - one on one tutorial is okay - I am now doing this full time so schedule should not be an issue.

d. Where - 0943 Mahayahay Rd, Bangkal - Lapu-lapu City,
Mactan, Cebu – Tel : 032-4957204 Cel: 09228047056
Email : joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com or

e. Why -

1. Knowledge is power, learn how to produce fish rather than giving fish

2. You will be self-sufficient and sustainable in your own backyard – start with 5 sq. meters,

3. Produce your own healthy, organic food - using sustainable methods. Learn to produce your own feeds (using the God given resources around you)

4. Learn to construct your own systems with the materials around you, innovation and creativity. Learn to landscape-"functional and aesthetic" your place using vertical gardening. Nothing goes to waste – because you use recyclable materials.

5. Use this functionality to produce food - circulation and aeration and filtration - creative thinking and ideas.

6. Develop the expertise on a small scale and go big time.

7. Rehabilitate existing ponds to increase productivity.

8. See "Engineered Systems" by learning to do it yourself, with locally available materials. Accelerate your learning curve, reduce costly errors-mistakes, fish-kills (like I did) and have immediate direction of what you want to achieve.

You will be self-sustaining during storms and calamities - because you can produce you own food.

9. You are able to protect the environment turning it green and clean - zero waste. Let nature do the work for you - you just provide the infrastructure.

10. Ideal for housewives, retirees, handicaps as well, intending to retire, develop skills of a lifetime.

11. Good health, is the greatest gift you can have for yourself and your family. (90% of illnesses comes from the food you eat)

This program of learning are designed for dummies like me, who learned the hard and expensive way, asking silly questions; but this is part of the learning process. The only silly question are those that are not asked...that was what my "guru" told me...So let's get started.

f. How much? 1,500.00 Per person ( 3 to 4 hours)

JoelVasquezDate: Thursday, 29 December 2011, 10:26 AM | Message # 7
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Aquaponics - Producing MORE with less space, less effort, less time, less money and zero waste.

Added (22-December-2011, 9:44 AM)
Aquaponics - Renewable, Recycle, Reuse and Sustainable - right in your own backyard

Added (29-December-2011, 10:26 AM)
By : Joel Legaspi Vasquez

Cell phone – 09165636627 or 09228047056
Email : jomavasquez@yahoo.com or joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com

The Many Advantages of Aquaponics

1. For the Philippine scenario Aquaponics Technology as a solution to reduce cost of food production made available and efficient distribution systems can now alleviate and help protect children from and exploitation from paedophiles, child labor and women from exploitation because of hunger and poverty. Prostitution, drug pushing and other crime related to hunger and need for food. There is a first step in achieving a total fix for economic development.

2. Cost of production benefits;
Families, Town, Municipalities and even cities can now produce their own food supply and the cost of transporting food is now saved. Save energy, protecting the environment from gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint, a totally green solution to a country as miserable as the Philippines. Higher quality organically produced food for less cost…no need of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, packaging, throw away waste water, nothing goes to waste in an almost perfect eco-system.

3. Food Security, in case of economic collapse or catastrophe, people can still eat, no matter what happens to the stock-market, peso-dollar, people will not go hungry, no one has to beg, and even labor strikers do not need to beg for assistance from the public, because labourers can produce their own fish and vegetables.. Man made or natural disasters, other sectors will have food available.

4. Water is conserved and recycled, nothing is wasted (except through evaporation) as in watering the plants on the soil, a complete and natural eco-system in your backyard, homes and community.

5. Fuel – less fuel will be used and consumed for food distribution used in transportation. More savings in dollars, less pollution, carbon reduction. Food production is now close to the consumers

6. Land/Forest – don’t cut our trees and preserve our forest for planting crops…protect and preserve mother earth, we can now plant in our backyard. If you need more space, plant vertical. This technology can be located anywhere especially when it is reinforced with Solar or Wind Energy as power requirements are minimal.

7. High Quality Food for the prisoners because they can produce and grow their own vegetables and produce fish. Quality food for everyone…and eco friendly, natural and toxic free…purely organic…

8. Proven growing technology – yet there is still so much to be discovered and learned from this process, questions like which plants to grow? Which fish and which method best suited, which is the best combination of fish and plant and with God’s blessings only our imagination is the limit.

9. Protection from calamity or disaster, when these happens each area that is isolated for example because of an outbreak, can still have their own food. Fish can easily be covered with nets when flooded, a system when the right balance is reached can be self-sustaining. The fish feeding the plants and the plants feeding the fish.

10. Eco-tourism beautiful herbal, vegetable, gardens, ornamental plants and fishes and landscaping, self sustaining in every home, community and the country as a whole. For example, fountains, waterfalls, ponds are now both functional for the fish and serves as an irrigation system for the plants grown. Perhaps we can rebuild the hanging gardens of Babylon and the Water system of Rome, all using natural means and processes.

11. Ocean, seas and rivers need not be disturbed so they can populate again…seas no need for overfishing we can produce fishes on our backyard, we restore the sea and our corral reefs, we give back to the seas what we have taken away from them.

12. Healing of mother earth…go green again,…less heat from the sun transferred to the atmosphere since green plants absorb most of the energy…more green more oxygen in the air, more healthy population

13. Schools can also have some space for their student to learn to experiment and be creative and find more effective productive solutions using the principles of Aquaponics, there is so much to be explored and discovered..

14. Learning this technology can further the development in Green Buildings and Residential Condo’s can be structurally designed and equipped with already a “Vertical Farming” concept and infrastructure structure, totally Green Building concepts.

15. Small scale is suitable for retirees or handicaps creating a relax and stress free environment and not heavy work. The system can be designed for handicap-friendly combination. Still developing processes for the blind. Commercial systems can be adapted for handicap operators.

16. Manual processes can be developed to provide aeration, circulation and filtration for physical fitness purposes should electrical systems fail.

17. Work in harmony with rivers and lakes using the natural contours-geography of the land and the river to create sustainable agriculture-food supply without polluting our rivers or lakes, possibly disilting. Use the power of river…use the power of the river and the law of gravity, innovate

18. Government can give people the systems-knowledge and chance to produce food rather than cash aide. Food for all, we teach how to fish rather than giving fish.

19. Prison facilities can participate in producing their own food as well as military camps and barracks. Let every square inch of land produce food and fish. Even the walls plant vertically on your facilities, there would be enough food for the soldiers, or at least save more money instead of buying food. These people can do a lot and feed the country.

JoelVasquezDate: Thursday, 09 February 2012, 9:31 AM | Message # 8
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Aquaponics - for your backyard - lifetime sustainability, modular, robust, DIY (Do It Yourself), Commercial Productivity on small scale, Recycle materials, Lowcost material options and lowcost tools.

Added (02-January-2012, 7:15 AM)
Be in control of your health, Knowing & Growing your food source - where and how it is produced - (toxin & toxic free) for you and your family...food security in your backyard

Added (03-January-2012, 10:00 PM)
Cancer Killer Fruit..! (dpb)

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Added (06-January-2012, 6:30 AM)
Now is the best time to learn - you still have your jobs...don't wait and postpone, Aquaponics - start small and learn as you grow, and grow as you learn - Experience is the Best Teacher. There is just so much to be discovered or uncovered

Added (08-January-2012, 10:07 AM)

Renewable & Sustainable - fish feed the duckweed, you feed duckweed to the fish. That is how simple it can get, let nature do the work for you, while you watch and enjoy(stress relieving). Feed your family fresh, organic, clean, green and take control of what you eat, and take control of your health. No one will do it for you. Clean, green and healthy, you protect the environment and it will protect you. SMS email address to 9228047056 for details

Added (09-January-2012, 5:29 PM)
http://www.medicalhe...s/malunggay.htm - let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food,

Added (14-January-2012, 7:47 PM)

Food crises in the Philippines - this people must be joking - do we need foreigners to tell us this? Filipinos are immune to crises already.

Added (17-January-2012, 1:32 AM)
1. I am looking for investors to finance fishpond upgrade to increase productivity and efficiency. That means, upgrade from the traditional method of fish farming to high-density fish farming. Investment required is 1.5 to 2 Million Php. Area 1 Hectare- pilot project preferably located in Cebu. Expected payback 2 to 3 years.
2. This is an engineered system using the concepts from the US and Israel, but implementation will be using localized and indigenous materials. Thus substantial savings in initial investment is achieve and almost same results/performance. System upgrade is designed to be green or environmentally friendly, energy efficient, sustainable and renewable.
3. Technical discussions together with my proprietary designs can be verified in Mactan, Cebu with my prototype. For serious-interested parties please email. joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com and advise mention some background about yourself, location and profession or occupation.
4. I will reply with my business model.

Added (05-February-2012, 8:33 AM)

Keep yourself and your family safe - know your food source, or learn to produce your own - safe, clean, fresh and really organic,

Added (09-February-2012, 9:31 AM)

The impact of no-jobs on food production, learning the skills to survive without jobs-employment, teach how to produce fish instead of giving fish. I hope the Mr. President, you will open up to my emails and consider that there are other ways of providing job security, food security and environmental protection. Mr. President, please support my fish and vegetable production program. There is no need for greed or hunger or violence, we have a very rich country.

Attachments: 7221786.jpg(181Kb) · 4784681.jpg(223Kb)
JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 03 March 2012, 8:05 AM | Message # 9
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Working smart is often not easy from the start, especially when you are new and "many things" to learn, however, once you get to practice it, you will know that what you learned will be worth all the time, money and effort you put it. Efficiency and Productivity with Technology.

Aquaponics is like the word-processor of the PC, while traditional fishing-aquaculture-agriculture is the typewriter. Today, anyone given [COLOR="#FF0000"]the typewriter for free [/COLOR]will not even accept it, knowing what it can do. This is like the "slide-rule"(during my time) and the "calculator".

From the PC, the value, efficiency and quality of what your produce is far superior than the typewriter. What more if you are able to manipulate the variables/parameters of Aquaponics. Being able to produce your own healthy, organic, nutritious, clean, green fresh quality fish and vegetables-plants-herbs is far superior that what you can purchase(typewriter).

Only your imagination is the limit and the results are exciting- also be frustrating(as you move up the learning curve).

Added (03-March-2012, 8:05 AM)

This article above presents poor education as the major drawback of the Philippines– one thing that is not mentioned here are the “poor-farmers-fisher folks” that are suppose to provide food for our people in the Philippines. If our poor-farmers-fisher folks keep on using the same process and procedures they will keep on getting the same results. The vicious cycle just repeats itself - compounding our poverty situation. There has to be a better way, there has to be a shift in mindset and direction. I hope someone out there can tell the President of the Philippines - to support our Philippine Aquaponics. 4.5 million involuntarily hungry Filipino voices seem to be unheared..

We have to help educate our poor farmers-fisher folks regarding "integrated-farming"

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