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Alberto's Pizza Branch in Talamban, Cebu (Contact Numbers)

Alberto's Pizza

Company Name: Alberto's Pizza
Contact No. / Telephone No.:  032-3458802 / 09237196633

Official Website: http://www.albertospizzacebu.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Type of Business: Food / Dining

Alberto's Pizza Branch in Talamban, Cebu (Contact Numbers)

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Total comments : 11
Divina Gracia B Mier   (08 October 2017 1:48 PM)
Here is my number 09060848314 I forgot sorry.

Divina Gracia B Mier   (08 October 2017 1:45 PM)
Pa deliver mi ug pizza. 9" Beef Pepperoni quickmelt. Sakto ra ang kwrta.
Address Riverfront Miramonte Camella homes Lessandra street Block 8 lot 29 Pit-os Cebu city.

Ian Benedict   (16 December 2016 1:38 AM)
number 09477851102

Ian Benedict   (16 December 2016 1:38 AM)
Can I order pizza 1 garlic chicken and 1 hawaiian 11 inch. Thank you if you will respond

jomil   (03 October 2016 8:04 PM)
di mo reply baw

Phoebe   (21 May 2016 12:06 PM)
Pa deliver mi og pizza.. 11".. All pepporoni. Quickmelt cheese... Sakto ra ang payment..
Villa Leyson bacayan c.c. (Vlt-e)
Pls contact my no. 09953928851.. Wla koy load

Kim   (24 April 2016 1:02 PM)
pa order po pizza wala mi load 09364604527

jan   (09 June 2014 11:30 PM)
can i order a diavolos?9 ich quickmelt?il pay after you delever..plz,thank you..

salbahis   (21 November 2012 11:37 PM)
bogo jud..,hahaha stupido

dan   (06 April 2012 9:51 PM)
Dafuq. asa man ang number. bogo ni nga post

admin   (07 April 2012 7:24 AM)
dan, this is their contact number: 032-3458802 / 09237196633