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DepEd Career Pathways in Home Management Business
Home Management Business is part of the career pathways (curricular programs) suggested by the Department of Education (DepEd) to all secondary schools in the Philippines. Here are the particular programs under Home Management Business.

Career Pathways in Technology and Livelihood Education
Home Technology

Home Management Business

Year 1
Basic Housekeeping
  • Household Helper
  • Aide
  • Apprentice
  • Technician
Waste Management (Reduction, Segregation and Utilization)
  • Household Helper
  • Aide
  • Recycled Products/Materials Maker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Dealer
  • Supplier

Year 2
House Repair and Maintenance
  • Shop Aide
  • Apprentice
  • Repairman
  • Housekeeper
Repair/Maintenance of Furniture, Fixture and Home Appliances
  • Aide
  • Repairman
  • Appliance Technician
  • Entrepreneur
Home Budgeting and Record Keeping
  • Purchaser
  • Bookkeeping Aide
  • Entrepreneur
  • Record Keeper
Food Preparation
  • Menu Planner
  • Cook
  • Marketer
  • Entrepreneur
Year 3
  • Household Helper
  • Aide
  • Entrepreneur
Basic Interior Design and Landscaping
  • Interior decorator
  • Aide
  • Florist
  • Display Artist
  • Gardener
  • Canvasser
  • Entrepreneur
Family Life and Child Care
  • Teacher Aide
  • Care Giver
  • Community Worker
  • Peer Counselor
  • Nursing Aide
  • Merchandiser
  • Entrepeneur

Year 4
Ideas and Opportunities/Market/Operations and Human Resources/Finance
  • Entrepreneur

Certificate Level
  1. Housekeeping NC II
  2. Household Service NC II
Degree Level
  1. B.S. Education
  2. B.S. Home Economics
  3. B.S. Industrial Art
  4. B.S. Electrical Engineering
  5. B.S. Sanitary Engineering
  6. B.S. Hotel and Institution
  7. B.S. Agriculture
  8. B.S. Interior Design
  9. B.S. Landscape Architecture
  10. Entrepreneurship
For the main complete list of Career Pathways go here Career Pathways for High School Students in the Philippines.
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