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Top 5 Reasons Why Philippine Independence Day Is Important to Celebrate?

Many students are asking "Why should we celebrate Philippine Independence Day?". You might be a student asking this maybe because it's your school assignment meant to be be answered. So, why is it really important to celebrate the Independence Day of the Philippines?

The first Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed June 12, 1898 as the "Philippine Independence Day". 

Philippine Independence Day 2015
Philippine Independence Day 2015

Why is Philippine Independence Day Important to Celebrate?

Here, we enumerate the top reasons why it should be celebrated:
  1. mainly because it commemorates the Filipinos declaration of their inherent and inalienable right to freedom and independence (freedom from Spanish Colonialization or other foreign Colonialization)
  2. because Emilio Aguinaldo believed that a declaration of independence would inspire people to fight against the Spaniards, and at the same time lead other nations to recognize the independence of the Philippines
  3. because June 12 had been also observed as the "Flag Day" in the Philippines since it was the first time the Philippine flag was officially unfurled or waved (iwinagayway)
  4. it brings honor and love for those who spent their lives (heroes) seeking to end the abuses of Spain such as mutilation, gruesome death punishment, raped Filipino women, maltreatment, etc.
  5. it gave way to the Philippines for self-government, learning to be more educated and civilized

Do you know other reasons why Philippine Independence Day should be celebrated? Tell us in the comment below.
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