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Ball Mill is Developing into Energy Saving Grinding Equipment

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.

The ball mill is a mature device with many advantages, and research on the grinding equipment has focused on energy efficiency and mill liners. 

The energy saving and consumption decreasing is mainly reflected in the specifications of the grinding equipment, grinding media, structure and properties, grinding equipment and configuration process of craftsmanship.

The development of mill liners evolves from the metal liner (manganese steel, high chrome alloy steel, hard nickel alloys, etc.) to a non-metallic liner (rubber liner), and further develop to the process of magnetic liner.

Using magnetic liner, ball mill has a small load, long service life, low noise, etc., which has made significant economic benefits.

Ball mill is the significant equipment in ore beneficiation process, and it has several categories, and according to the ways of discharge, ball mills can be divided into lattice-type ball mills and overflow-type ball mills; according to the ratio of the length and the diameter of the cylinder, it can be divided into short mill, medium and long mill and long mill; according to the continuity of operation, it can be divided into the continuous mill and intermittent mill; according to the Transmission, it can be divided into center-driven mill, edge-driven mill, tail discharging mill and medium discharging mill; according to the shape of the grinding materials, it can be divided into ball mill machine, rod mill and particle mill; according to the working technology, it can be divided into dry grinding mill and wet grinding mill.Ball mill mainly consists of the cylinder, liners, diaphragms, main bearing, feeding and discharging equipment and transferring system.

The hollow axis adopts the cast steel, and the inner liners are replaceable. Wear-resistant liners are inserted in the cylinder, so it has a high wear-resistant ability.

The ball mill belongs to the low-speed heavy equipment with large loaded amount and starting torque, so the industrial grinding machines usually make use of additional starting motor or soft starting equipments, which has a high impact on the electric grid, and the needed rotary distance is decreased, so there is a great potential development in saving energy.

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