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Coal Production Stimulates Development of Mining Crusher

As a major coal producer, after years of development, China's coal equipment manufacturing industry has formed sound of coal mining, coal washing, coking and other three series of related products. Coal production with the use of coal mill and cement mill from the heavy 1800 kilowatts coal miner in the year 2008, 10.15 million t, create a fully mechanized mining equipment in China, 'a mine for a yield of 10.15 million wells side of t' are newly recorded, based on January 2009 t has hit the country of 1.18 million new records per month. T break in one fell swoop on more than 10 million coal mining equipment which rely entirely on the import situation.

Good news is that, due to revitalize the mining crusher equipment manufacturing industry in recent years, national attention to the relevant provinces, cities and coal equipment companies aware of the crisis, began to actively build coal equipment manufacturing base and the formation of an integrated coal-machine manufacturing group, and just a couple of years has made remarkable breakthroughs. Eleventh Five Year Plan, China plans to build 13 million t super coal base.

China is the world's major coal producer, after years of accumulation, rapid development of China's Coal Industry to form a more complete coal equipment manufacturing system, a high degree of specialization. But the current and future market demand of coal machine is not limited to professional equipment, the user needs to have more complete integrated production capacity of product, that is, to have strong supporting research and development of mining machinery manufacturing capacity.

Early stage of development of China's coal equipment manufacturing industry, is in accordance with the layout of the development of coal production up. Usually a plant is only a dominant product, and coal companies selected by the factories. Responsible for product development by the research institutes and factories for manufacturing, not R & D center. And scattered small businesses, manufacturing process backward processing technology and equipment obsolete. Support the lack of industry giant, industry, academia, research has long been fighting each other all parties.

To revitalize the coal, coal confidential comes first. Learned from relevant departments in the country under the guidance revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry policy, in recent years, advantages of domestic coal equipment companies accelerated the restructuring, reorganization, combination, merger pace to set up equipment manufacturing enterprises as the mainstay of coal, coal production enterprises shares, research institutes involved in the large-scale coal equipment manufacturing group, to form a manufacturing and development capabilities, ability to complete projects, independent innovation ability of corporate entities.

Equipment companies in the coal hold high the banner of the process of localization, domestic equipment, other major coal group has gradually out of the road of independent innovation, and gradually to diversify the direction of innovation and development. Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the new series of mining equpment in the level of international industry, such as movable crushing station, hydraulic cone crusher, semi-mobile crushing plant, HPC cone crusher, Cement production line and other advanced mining machinery.

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