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Hongxing grinding mills help process the city waste

Construction waste disposal is the process of planning and implementing the handling and disposal of building materials on a construction site. Research, training, and development of a construction waste disposal plan are integral parts of this process. It involves applying the conservation hierarchy: reduce, reuse, and recycle to construction materials and methods.

Nowadays, the increasing rate in China has already been more than 10% while the increasing speed of the construction waste all over the world is 8.42% every year. The global construction waste is about 490 million ton; whereas China is about 150 million ton. The municipal solid waste in China has piled about 7 billion ton. Such great pressure from the construction waste, we believe that waste disposal will become the major industry in the future. Especially the recycling of construction waste, because it can bring more economic benefits, so it is inevitable to become the important part in the waste disposal industry.

At present, the building demolition debris (the waste produces in the course of constructing, renovating, and demolishing buildings) accounts reach 30%-40% of the total municipal waste. This debris is composed of excess building materials that contain valuable resources and embodied energy from their production and transportation to the jobsite. Both architects and contractors can greatly impact the amount of construction waste generated on the site. Once materials have been consigned to the landfill, these resources are virtually impossible to recover. Recognizing and fully utilizing building materials’ value is the foundation of construction waste disposal.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machiney Co., Ltd. develops many new generations of machines, movable crushing plant, energy saving cone ball mill, high efficiency micro-powder grinder, ultra-fine Raymond mill relying on the features of construction waste. This equipment solves effectively the problem about the recycling of construction waste. Thus it brings the more economic benefits and realizes the maximum of resource utilization.

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