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Solid wood floor more than 80% of the basic coating

Second, consumers the choice of flooring to understand some flooring consumer knowledge, in particular, to master the method of identifying difficult problems encountered in consulting or free cable collar "report consumer White Paper to Shenzhen Flooring Committee on the printing floor. In addition, consumers should pay attention to view the content of the inspection report and the text of the contract, so that the problems are well documented.

Supervised by Market Supervisory Authority City Flooring Committee and co-sponsored by the flooring market "Handelsblatt" standardize their operations public advocacy activities start, has carried out the analysis and alerts, and taken a number of confusion to the floor Material Name Standard measures proceed rectification and norms. Flooring market all kinds of non-standard phenomena in illegal sales the printing floor flooding has become a prominent issue urgent attention and solution.

What is printing floor

So-called printing floor (also referred to as "printing plate") refers to the floor surface of the finished pattern of artificial design, i.e. with a carefully selected number of sheet flooring, they form a natural patterns made of scan version, and then with a colorant version The pattern is printed onto the surface of the flooring blanks, and then after painting drying. Sake of human control board effect is extremely realistic.

With printing technology, some businesses using secondary defects or low-cost solid wood substrate, and then printed on the wood grain of the market the quality circulation of solid wood floor, in order to deceive consumers to earn high profits. Such wooden floors selected from the group consisting of the substrate lead to unstable quality disposable products, can not be refurbished and used multiple times. In addition to use insect eye, piebald, cracks and other defects of low-grade B-Class timber transfer to become a Class

A material, to act as a Grade A solid wood flooring sales, resulting in consumers deceived. Such printing floor paint lacquer coating process less easy to fall off, cracking. Not natural wood grain, similar Laminate flooring is also a one-time product can not be refurbished and used multiple times. Wood plastic flooring board

If consumers encounter lower than the market price of the floor to be vigilant to prevent the purchase to the cottage floor. There are many factors affecting the price of the floor, floor wood species, specifications, process and brand. Wood species is an important factor affecting the price of the floor price of different wood species will vary greatly, and the wood scarcity degrees and its own characteristics have good stability, wear-resistant, and beautiful wood grain timber prices will naturally be higher, and vice versa The price is low.

The illegal stamp flooring sales in the inferior quality of wood covered with a layer of mortar putty computer technology to print the desired pattern on the wood, the last painting. The whole process with a short, low-cost, consumers in layman's difficult to identify with the naked eye, leaving an opportunity to give some unscrupulous businessmen. Through shoddy, cheap and sell high to earn high profits, both against the interests of consumers, but also disrupt the market, to informal enterprises, while the operators have a great impact.

How to distinguish between the printed flooring and real wood flooring

First printing floor either single-sided printing or double-sided printing, the floor of the two is vertical the raw pattern (years Physalospora) must not on the floor front, or front and back printing texture.

Second, many companies will be back on the back of the membrane covering the floor, mainly in order to confuse. Solid wood floor more than 80% of the basic coating, printing plates, we must pay particular attention to in the purchase.

Last check every piece of printing floor flooring color, texture closer to, basically no color, no Mottled, paving the overall visual effect is very good. Basic This floor can be determined for the printing floor, because the natural wood floor, however the color selection, the selected pattern, there will be some of the differences, can do no color, no Mottled floor must be manually altered printing floor.

If consumers can not identify genuine and fake stamp floor, it may appear to spend the money to buy the real oak were available printing oak. So consumers buy floor must not look on the surface, but depends on the texture of the six faces, are the same color. Because the counterfeiters take into account the cost of the problem, not the six faces of printing. Can also be identified with a lighter, in general, the the printing floor plate above the paint applicator with a layer of mortar putty, paint adhesion will deteriorate if the lighter flame grill on the floor, printing plates, easy off the paint burst, while the normal floor of this case would not exist.

Consumers informed purchase is understandable, but there are some businesses take printing plate really the product of solid wood flooring sales to consumers in the market. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of the floor, be sure to keep their eyes open can not be taken lightly. To select the first formal quality protection and high integrity flooring brands, such as floor standardize their operations in Shenzhen joint commitment to corporate brand ", after Shenzhen Flooring Committee are assured brand selection, recommended.

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