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20 Tips for School Success
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20 tips for success in school

Eating a good breakfast and getting a good night's sleep are just a few of the ways to ensure your children start off to a good school year. Here are a few more.

When summer is over and it is time to shop for school supplies, we know it is time for back to school once again. At the end of each school year or at the end of the summer, we always pledge to have a better school year next year, either because the kids were always forgetting homework assignments or oversleeping. Here are 20 ways that will ensure that your kids and YOU have a great school year.

1-eat a good breakfast every morning, don't let them skip breakfast.

2-wake them up early enough to get up on time so they are not tardy! Even if that means waking them up 15 or 30 minutes earlier than they used to wake up.

3-be sure your child gets a good night's sleep. turn in early.

4-have them prepare all of their things the night before, including clothes or uniforms, socks, shoes, booksacks, homework assignments in booksacks,etc. down to the finest details, even hair accessories.

5-children should keep their booksacks, desks and rooms organized so they can find what they need easily and nothing gets lost.

6-praise your children, encourage them, use positive reinforcement, work closely with them. let them know that you are available to help if needed.

7-create a study routine for your child. a good rule of thumb is to have them do their homework right when they get home.

8-go over homework together.

9-check their booksacks for notes, missed assignments, book orders, etc.

10-promote healthy habits like healthy snacks, low in sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables.

11-children should ask questions. don't be afraid to ask questions. that is how we learn.

12-a stress free child is a happy child. a happy child will do better in school.

13-children should start reviewing notes at least three days before a test. don't wait until the night before or worse, the day of the test to study for it.

14-children should write down their assingments carefully. have the number of a few classmates in case you forget to write it down.

15-parents, be a role model to your children. your children learn from you. be positive and supportive of the school system and teachers.

16-have your child read to you often and regularly.

17-have them put all of their things in their room right when they get home. this will alleviate the chances of losing or misplacing something. more time is wasted looking for a lost shoe or where they put their booksack.

18-children should take notes when the teacher repeats something, tells them to write it down or that is very important or will be on a test, or if she writes it on the board.

19-don't cheat, don't be lazy, do your projects and assigments like reports, ahead of time. study and learn. you will be proud of yourself.

20-during tests, read all of the directions, follow directions, read the questions carefully, and double check your answers if you have time after you are done.

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Yeah and make sure to be your self and be happy you don't have to compare yourself to others because it will only brag you down....

****don't cheat, don't be lazy, do your projects and assigments like reports, ahead of time**** I'm just thinking of something during my college days..hmmppp biggrin hehehehheh....frickin yeah...giggles....sigh`~

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