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Top Real Estate Websites in Cebu, Philippines

There are plenty of real estate websites in Cebu. I think there are nearly thousands of them and they are Cebu-based. What I'll show you here is the list of the Top Real Estate Websites in Cebu according to Alexa Ranking as of December 2010. They are top in terms of domain age and traffic.

Best Real Estate Websites in Cebu

Top Real Estate Websites in Cebu, Philippines
(according to Alexa (Global) Ranking)
  1. cebuclassifieds.com - 61,487
  2. affordablecebu.com - 88,244
  3. avidaland.com - 414,131
  4. johnvill.com -446,062
  5. cebucentral.com - 605,460
  6. ceburealtyshop.com - 700,841
  7. cebu-real-estate.org - 827,696
  8. cebubesthomes.com - 938,226
  9. cebuhome.net - 979,776
  10. ceboom.com - 1,123,392
  11. cebulive.com - 1,346,699
  12. landasiabigsellers.com - 1,738,839
  13. forsaleincebu.com - 1,738,839
  14. garcesrealestate.com - 1,924,544
  15. philcebuproperties.com - 1,937,818
  16. glorylandcebu.com - 2,226,801
  17. cebuhousefinder.com - 2,288,004
  18. ceburealestateguide.com - 2,405,433
  19. ceburealtybrokerage.com - 2,487,706
  20. mactanproperties.com - 3,157,296
  21. commonwealthestate.com - 3,242,045
  22. landasia.com.ph - 3,269,242
  23. cebubest.com - 3,547,659
  24. cebuestatehomes.com - 3,597,907
  25. cebuadspot.com - 3,664,048
  26. buynsellcebu.com - 3,809,388
  27. cityfine.com - 4,369,071
  28. cebutrips.com - 4,593,381
  29. ceburealproperty.com - 4,662,662
  30. landasiaglobalproperties.com - 4,980,486
  31. cebumactanhomes.com - 5,620,071
  32. cebu-realestate.com - 5,796,523
  33. cebucondotelsandproperties.com - 6,765,944
  34. cebuplaces.com - 7,347,301
  35. cebuinvestmentguide.com - 11,743,125
  36. cebujtland.com - 12,332,746
  37. ceburealestate.info - 17,808,684
  38. cebuland.com - 20,647,952
  39. lamirada-vistamar.com - 20,880,348
  40. cebu-real-estate-condominium-house-for-sale.info - 24,790,288
  41. ceburealestatephilippines.com - 24,868,295
  42. cebunow.info - 25,705,040

You've noticed that first and highest ranking of all Cebu real estate websites is the cebuclassifieds.com with an Alexa Global rank of 81,440. I consider those classified ads websites in cebu as real estate websites because they have a huge number of real estate listings. Most classified ads website have the highest number of listings in the real estate category. The website who got the lowest rank is the cebunow.info.

Tips and Hints for Better Search Engine Ranking and Traffic

Basically those websites who are at the top 20 are the best real estate websites in Cebu and have larger posts of real estate listings than other lower ranking real estate websites. Those top ranking real estate websites use the Search Engine Optimization techniques (SEO). When they update their listings, they included the keywords, "real estate", "house and lot for sale in cebu", "house and lot", "house for sale in cebu". These keywords are very important because they will drive massive traffic to your website. If a real estate client searches in google and type the phrase, "house and lot for sale in cebu", those top ranking real estate websites will appear in the first page of google results. And if your website have no such keywords or phrases, you will be placed at the lowest search results of google. So, better to include those keywords when you add or update your real estate listings.

If you know other top real estate websites in Cebu not included in the list, let us know. We will be happy to include those websites in this list considering their domain age are old enough and have high traffic. If you know websites above that should not be included, let us know also. State your reason why they should not be included. Leave some comments below.

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Justin, you're right. "http://www.avidaland.com/Avida-towers-cebu.php" will be added in the list.

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