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Prescribed National Uniforms for DepEd Teachers and Non-Teaching Personnel for School Years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013

Pursuant to DepEd Memorandum No. 497, s. 2010, given below are the designs and descriptions of the textile materials that will be used for the DepEd new national uniforms (Male and Female, to be worn on Monday) for School Years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. As required by the National Uniform Committee (NUC), the textile materials for the DepEd national uniforms were tested by the Philippine Textile Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (PTRI-DOST) and found compliant to the Employees Uniform Quality Assurance Program (EUQAP).
DepEd Uniforms
DepEd Uniforms picture

The DepEd uniforms to be worn on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the central, regional and division levels, and schools are also stipulated in DepEd Memorandum No. 497, s. 2010.

The clothing and uniform allowance shall be released in cash in the amount of Four Thousand Pesos (Php 4,000.00) to each of the DepEd teachers and non-teaching employees. DepEd offices are expressly prohibited from withholding any amount as payment for uniforms and/ or fabrics and other uniform materials and fee for services of a tailor/dressmaker. The responsible finance personnel shall coordinate with the payroll processing units to credit the full amount of the clothing and uniform allowance to the payroll accounts of DepEd teachers and non-teaching employees.

With this, the DepEd teaching and non-teaching employees from the regional, division and district offices, and public elementary and secondary schools may procure and obtain the uniform textile materials from any available source, provided that these comply with the prescribed DepEd uniform materials and design. Any DepEd official fund violating this rule will be subjected to appropriate sanctions and disciplinary action. Please send to this Office a written report of any DepEd official who compel or coerce teachers and non-teaching employees to procure the uniform materials from said official or from a specific source.

Teachers' cooperatives and associations are encouraged to offer the prescribed DepEd uniform materials to the teachers and and non-teaching personnel at the best price possible.

The following personnel are exempted from wearing the prescribed uniform:
  • School officials who occupy third level positions embraced by the Career Executive Service (CES);
  • Medical and dental staff who shall wear the appropriate medical/dental attire;
  • Janitors, utility, and maintenance personnel who shall be assigned appropriate uniforms;
  • Legal officers, specifically lawyers, whose nature of work requires a different dress code;
  • Teachers and employees with physical disabilities and other legitimate health reasons;
  • Pregnant female employees are allowed to wear maternity dresses during the period of their pregnancy; and
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff who are in mourning are allowed to wear appropriate mourning clothes.
Teaching and non-teaching personnel are allowed to make adjustments in the prescribed DeEd uniform to conform to the requirements of their religious affiliation or creed or any legitimate practice related thereto.

The effectivity of wearing the prescribed uniforms shall be on the first day of School Year 2011-2012.

DepEd also wishes to inform all concerned that it has not endorsed, accredited nor authorized any particular supplier to approach the regional and division offices and declare himself/herself as the exclusive distributor of the textile materials for the DepEd uniforms. Please report to DepEd any uniform who visits DepEd Offices and uses the name of the undersigned or of any official in the Central Office or of the NUC in trying to get a deal for the supply of the DepEd uniform.

Non-compliance to and deliberate defiance of this Order shall be dealt with administratively pursuant to Section 22.C (Violation of Reasonable Office Rules and Regulations), Rule XIV, Revised Ombudsman Rules Implementing Book V of the Administrative Code of 1987 (Executive Order No. 292).

Here are some details of the Prescribed National Uniforms for DepEd Teachers and Non-Teaching Personnel for School Years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013:

School Year 2011 - 2013

Xavierre bluish gray stripe half open barong accented with embroidery and reverse stamped DepEd hologram logo designed with pleated denim blue tropical cool fabric. (PTRI tested to be EUQAP compliant.)

Austing wool midnight blue pants with pocket in front and back. (PTRI tested.)

Picture snapshot of the Male National Uniform

DepEd Male Uniform

School Year 2011 - 2013

Zarrah yellow pointed collar blouse with bar-like cutting in front, accented with ethnic embroidery on a tropical cool fabric designed with scattered map of the Philippines and DepEd hologram logo, both woven onto the fabric. (PTRI tested to be EUQAP compliant.)

Kazvin midnight blue pants with pocket. (PTRI tested.)

BLAZER: (optional)
Kazvin midnight blue tailored cut blazer designed with pointed shawl collar. (PTRI tested.)

Picture snapshot of the Female National Uniform

DepEd Female Uniform


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Jack Alfafara   (18 May 2013 8:30 PM)
Hi.. do you still have the maroon uniform for male?

guanliongcorp.sulit.com.ph   (27 February 2013 2:16 PM)
We are currently in production of the fabrics for teacher uniform 2013 to 2015. Nice and tela niya, soft and cool na siya and simple but elegant ang design niya. keep intouch! pm us you contact details sa guanlioncorp.sulit.com.ph so we can update you when the fabrics arrive.

guanliongcorp.sulit.com.ph   (27 February 2013 2:14 PM)
May bagong uniform napo inapprove and Deped.

guanliongcorp.sulit.com.ph   (27 February 2013 2:14 PM)
Hello meron pa po kami stock ng embroidery sa harap niyan...

JESSIEMER URBANO   (17 February 2013 9:01 AM)
May I ask if you already have cloth for new monday and tuesday uniform for the school year 2013-2014 based on DEPED MEMORANDUM?

Cecille Aludino   (12 July 2012 0:44 AM)
Please post the other picture design of uniform

mary rose gonzales   (18 June 2012 9:15 AM)
i just want to ask if okay to post the other design of teachers uniform. tanx

Lady Teacher   (05 June 2012 8:11 PM)
totoo.. yung yellow uniform namin ay mainit na parang goma o cellophane na bumabalot sa katawan namin.. kawawa naman kami nandito sa classroom na di naka aircon,, 60 students packed in a small square... at saka, sana iba style, color ang uniform sa high school tchrs. kawawa na man yung mga bata na sawa na mga kulay namin mula elem hanggang high school..

sa dami ba namin baka pwde magpa made to order na tela na maganda.

ave tiu   (28 May 2012 10:33 PM)
May I suggest that the cloth for the teachers' uniform will be suitable for the work place. The cloth is very hot plus it is not very suitable to be worn on such a hot classroom of 60 pupils. The material for the uniform is not gentle to the touch..It has to be something that is relaxing in color and cool to the touch of our body... please take our uniforms seriously..

eury   (24 May 2012 9:54 AM)
pwede po ba gandahan naman ung design at tela ng mga uniform ginagawa na kaming basahan sa itsura ung mukhang kagalang galang naman at kumportable sa katawan.

giordano salazar   (14 May 2012 2:14 PM)
hindi nman gyang gya ung nsa mannequin, my mail p rin

new teacher   (11 May 2012 6:57 AM)
I hope the new designs for the female uniforms will be a bit trendy but conservative. We want to be comfortable when teaching and as we all know, it is usually hot in our classrooms so quite thin fabric should be used. I hope deped will give the teachers chances to give or suggest new designs for the next school year's uniforms. The colors should be pastel or lighter so we would feel cooler. Thank you for considering my suggestions.

rogelyn toralba   (23 December 2011 8:52 PM)
i want to order the textile of tuesday and wenesday uniform for public teachers

a new teacher   (10 December 2011 2:41 PM)
out of stock naman yung mga textile sa bebots! kaya tuloy yung iba sa divi. pumupunta! tuloy ANYFORM ang labas ng mga suot ng teachers! tsk tsk..

Allan Tiempo   (10 November 2011 2:43 PM)
Maam I Just wanna ask kung ang mga inoporme ba ng bata na kasali sa mga kompetisyon tulad ng Modern Dance ay Talaga bang Pinasasauli ng Paaralan gayong funded naman ng PTA? Thanks po

Jerwyn   (05 November 2011 11:03 AM)
Mga kaguro, maitanong ko lang kung magkano bili ninyo sa tela ng uniform ninyo? Dito kasi sa amin sa Nueva Ecija ay 550-600 pesos tela lang. Division Office ang nagsusupply sa amin.

amor   (12 October 2011 11:07 AM)
when are you going to post the latest design dep ed teacher's uniform ?
Hope to see it soon. The drawing in the paper is not very clear and lack in instructions.

Thank you

Maria O. Caniedo   (09 October 2011 6:05 AM)
Sana may ibang design.at malambot ang tela..mas lalong mahihirapan sa pagtuturo kung mainit ang katawan.para kaming nakasuot nang rami na sack.at trapal

cathy   (19 September 2011 7:32 PM)
sana ung mga uniforms na susunod pastel colors and most especially the fabrics, un po sanang malamig sa katawan and mdyo manipis...saka po ung designs, wag po ung designs na nun pang panahon ng mga ninuno namin...thanks

ces cruz   (15 September 2011 9:29 PM)
sana lang po mas malamig na tela ang gamitin na uniform dahil nagkakasakit na po km sa sobrang init nito sa katawan at sana din po mas modern ang designs na ginagawa dhl parang matatanda ng tingnan kht mga bata pa.

dennis   (05 September 2011 9:20 PM)
tanung q lang po..may free designs po ba sa mga student-teachers???kasi nahihirapan kaming magdesign na gagamitin naming uniform pagdating sa labas this coming second semester...thank you po

virginia   (01 August 2011 1:48 PM)
ask ko lan po ung patern uniform 4 wednesday kc malabo ung copy n napunta sakin.

kaye   (27 July 2011 7:43 AM)
National Capital Region nTEacher's uniform,bakit wala p design?

kaye   (27 July 2011 7:41 AM)
Happy Anniversary Kapatid sa pananampalataya!!!!!

ryan   (23 June 2011 10:18 AM)
may i ask about the violet uniform, is that prescribed as national uniform?

mary lou pacaldo   (17 June 2011 3:10 PM)
can i ask for the regional uniforms design in misamis oriental??
the violet one??.

Francisco Cana   (12 June 2011 1:03 AM)
I just want to ask ,is it a buttonhole or a buttonloop for monday female uniform

Benson Lee   (10 June 2011 9:10 AM)
We can supply to you Deped National Teachers Uniform Monday color Yellow. Lowerst price guaranteed!!! Contact us at 0917-5181221 or 0923-4159992

girlie lee   (08 June 2011 2:12 PM)
i just want to ask the color of the back stitches to be embroidered on the collar and around the ethnic embroidery for the female uniform.