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Get what you want from the Philippine Government
JoelVasquezDate: Friday, 03 February 2012, 12:22 PM | Message # 1
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Downloand and read above. We get what we deserve? You don't need to allow that to happen to you, you can get what you want? That means, if we allow things to happen as they are in the Philippine Government then there is no need to complain about how we are treated.

There are laws to protect us, use this law and get what you want not the kind of services you are given. Please read carefully and let's get moving. Because if we always do what we always did we will always get what we always got.

As Rizal said, the "pen is mightier than the sword", we dare tell him now, our "laptop is mightier than the atomic bomb". We can reach the four corners of the world in just one "click-send" of the button.

We are the Government - and if our Government is Lousy it is because we are Lousy - It is enough for evil to exist and prevail if "Good men do nothing",

Added (22-January-2012, 5:51 PM)
1. In front of us is the tool to break down corruption. We just need to use this smartly. Jose Rizal said, the pen is mightier than the sword, I say to him now, the laptop is mightier than the atomic bomb. We just need to know how to use it effectively and efficiently. I am using my desperate situation now as a test case of how to get things done and get President Aquino to act on my case expediently. If I can get this process done then we can come up with a procedure to effectively establish and correct snags/malfunction/in-efficiency and productivity in the Philippines. I have sent an email to President Aquino through his website, perhaps readers here can advise how to turn this into an email brigade to get my case test to his immediate attention. I need to get the President to know that his OFW-reintegration program in Cebu is not moving. My loan application-project proposal was rejected after I clashed with the "evaluators" after I forced the issue and protested the 5 months delay in processing. As an OFW - I hinged my life and future on that promise and program of President Aquino because I believe I have a revolutionary product that will someday change the Philippines. My project proposal took years of research and development and because not being able to pass the "credit parameters" was rejected. If such a project proposal carefully thought of and developed through years can be rejected if you protest on the delay and all the run-around submittals, how much more others also on the queue. This is a test case of how to feedback to the president and get things corrected. We are professionals and do it the professional way, if I were a Policaman, I would have also used my gun. We do not need violence to get the attention of the President. How to get this to the President - Please help me.

Added (03-February-2012, 12:22 PM)
PNoy said it already time and time again - We are the boss and we are his boss - Unfortunately, most of us(BOSSES) really are not aware of what a BOSS should be and what a BOSS expects from his employees. So instead of being the BOSS, most are just content to be like mere lambs/chicken - and do not really know that we have such power of being the BOSS.

Once again, for evil to prevail and exist it is enough that the good BOSS do not do anything but tolerate it. Turn a blind eye and leave the work for the Good Samaritan to clean up. Instead of making "bagulbol" we should behave like we are the BOSS (Not arrogantly but with humility). It is important to understand that as the BOSS we have the right to "hire and to fire" those we employed. We have so many "rights" unfortunately, 80% just whimper with their tails between their legs - like a scared puppy. Let us starting thinking like a BOSS and work like a BOSS and not accept sloppy and inefficient service.

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