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A bank of the OFW's for OFW's and by OFW's.
JoelVasquezDate: Monday, 25 June 2012, 10:36 PM | Message # 1
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Fellow OFW's, friends and relatives of OFW's. I hope to get the sentiments of my fellow OFW's. Share your thoughts. We can take care of ourselves and ready to get this through, together we stand and do something for our dreams, hope, aspirations. We build our own OFW Bank !! A bank of the OFWs, for OFW's and by OFW's. Can or No Can ??

Added (25-June-2012, 10:36 PM)

Quote (digitalsuperman;12917897)
nindut man gyud ning ingon ani unta kana if naay inclination ang government. nindut if ang iyang structure kay same sa AMSLAI or Veterans Bank. or if dili maka create ug bank for OFWs why not ang government banks like Landbank naay ginagmay'ng programs para maka start ang OFW's ug SME's ok na au. pero if private sector ang magtukod ug OFW Bank. i won't put a single cent on that bank siguro.

Hi Digi,
As the thread mentions, my vision is a Bank of OFW'S RUN BY OFW'S FOR OFW'S. Land Bank is Government Bank. If people are sick and tired of the hopelessness and kind of service of the Government Agencies, and how its supports its people; this will lead us to nowhere. I have been there and till now fighting teeth and claw with Landbank. Landbank has a mandate to support re-integration 2 Billion. I got screwed. This is why I got inspired to start an OFW Bank with zero capital and only desire and dreams for starters.

Hence, earning of the OFW bank will be directed to support of the OFW's, their insurance plan, their health plan, their college plan, their future and should they decide to go to business act as an advisory entity to make sure the business succeeds.

I lost my college-plans for my kids just like a bubble in the air. Now I am now my knees and hands struggling to get them to college. The already rich - stole my college plans for my kids, so painful. Why make the rich richer and get all the benefits from those who labour-in the deserts of the middle east, sweat, blood, tears, separation anxiety, broken homes. Later this rich get all the money and run away, look at those banks that are closing, in my previous post.

OFW's can do something for OFW's and let them enjoy the fruits of their labour. A bank OF THE OFW'S BY OFW'S AND FOR OFW'S. We are not parasites and can stand and contribute to the countries growth and prosperity. Now is the time, we can do something better for OFW's(friends-relatives) and Country. The Philippines is our homeland, there is nothing like it. There is no country so blessed with so much richness. Richness both seen and unseen. Richness in people and resources. There is no need for greed, hunger or violence, there is more than enough for everyone to be happy, healthy and at peace with all. Above all only in the Philippines can we enjoy life without stress of being treated like slaves in other countries. ( If only you hear how other nationalities mock our fellow workers especially our Filipina Maids, so painful - "xes" machine feed by rice...wow...ang sakit)

Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » OFW Discussion » A bank of the OFW's for OFW's and by OFW's. (Are you in ?)
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