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OFW BANK - The Big-Boss
JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 1:50 PM | Message # 1
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The Big-Boss is a shrewd and demanding businessman. He has already outlined His expectations in one of the Parables.

Recall the parable of the Talents, wherein the story goes this way or somewhat this way - ((for the benefit of the "Good Samaritans" reading this)).

A rich man, called his servants( A, B & C) and gave them some "funds", for A- he gave 10, for B-he gave 20, for C he gave 40. He told them to use them wisely and when he comes back he will ask for the returns on his investments (ROI).

Upon his return, he called his servants and asked for his ROI ( Really Traditional Business Thinking). C - game him say 400. Wow impressive and the richman was very pleased - wow factor. Well done. B - came and presented with say 100. Good, I am pleased. Then servant A - and gave back his 10 original coming up with excuses so and so, this is not possible (BOXED thinking) because so and so, blaming the government, blaming poverty, blaming all the people around him that cannot be trusted.

Upset the Rich man, said, that it would have been better if the Rich man put his money in the bank to earn interest instead of giving to Servant A. The story ends with Servant A - being "dismissed". (You can see how the Rich Man-Big Boss really thinks like a traditional businessman) Anything that is useless to him he destroys!! Tough luck.

This is something to think about and which servant do we chose to emulate (characterize), because we have the FREEDOM and FREE will to select. Staying in our comfort zone - like Servant A seems to lead to nowhere in the world of the Big-Boss. Indeed this is a tough world.

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