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Homecoming of Israelites
JoelVasquezDate: Tuesday, 17 July 2012, 7:10 AM | Message # 1
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Wicked people get wicked leaders.

Israelites were scattered by their Boss. They know too well what happens when they transgress the law and what happens when they follow instructions. You can read all those in the "history book" some called the bible.

That is what I see, in our beloved country. Filipinos are scattered all over the world to toil and to find opportunity, and serve foreign masters. I have served foreign masters here and abroad. It pains me when these foreign masters enjoy all the richness of our country - people and resources while they flaunt their wealth. On the other hand, our laborers and workers toil for a few meager pesos, not even enough to provide a decent medical care. It pains me to sign-off on medical-guarantees because the hospital will not admit them. To help them, I had to study the natural healing - herbs available so they can at least heal themselves with simple kitchen solutions.

This need not happen to our people, for a country so rich. 5th richest country in natural resources and I believe we can turn the tide.

Israelites after suffering(holocaust) from other countries now are going back to their country and rebuilding and they have achieved tremendous prosperity compared to what the arab countries have achieved. They are better equipped militarily. Israelites is a military might can defend themselves. Singaporean commando's are trained by the Israel military.

Correct me if you think I am wrong, as what I see is a parallelism of the country of Israel. I believe we can be like Israel(Filipino version)

Now let us look at the helplessness we are in. A 5th richest country in natural resources, yet helpless to defend its territory. The simple and fundamental reason for this is wickedness in each of us. If I follow what is written, I should start by "plucking" my eyes and "cutting" my sinful hands. I should be "cut" from the vine and thrown to the fire. That is how tough the Big-Boss rules are.

We can turn the tide. We can start prepaing for the homecoming of OFW's. We begin with ourselves and declare ourselves worthy to manage our natural resources - people and environment. There is no need for greed, hunger and violence. We need help of good samaritans.
Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » OFW Discussion » Homecoming of Israelites (Homecoming of OFW's??)
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