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OFW-Bank Foundation
JoelVasquezDate: Friday, 07 September 2012, 11:46 PM | Message # 1
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Quote (mckoy_slipstream;13061563)
i would disagree on this one. aquaponics is not the same as that ofw bank of yours. aquaponic is achievable. fishes are real. you say start from zero based cost? what about the fish? do they just appear on the water you put in the tank? nope. they won't. so you have to buy them initially.

how can the ofw bank function without initial cost? will the money flowing around to support educational plans just appear? nope. you'll need a system to make it appear and grow. aquaponics can survived, same with how fishes can survive in a small aquarium. but can a bank sustain without money flow? nope. this is not parable. this is reality. you buy fish, you put them in water, you feed them, they'll survive. you wont need to pay for tne air they breath since the moment you place them in a tank, you already gave them life and chance to multiply by simply replicating the environment where they live, though in smaller area.

while a bank. bank needs money and manpower. bank dont need air, it breaths on money. and people needs assurance that their money can grow. money and fishes are not the same species. money gone is a problem, fish in the tank dies, who cares. and ofw worked so hard to earn money. show me how to convinced them to deposit a penny to your bank.

you always say think out of the box though you keep on saying its not for everyone. you are already diminishing the ideas you started. aquaponics is okey with me. but saying that a bank will survive without money is a senseless debate.

let me point out why:

[COLOR="#FF0000"]as you posted and thinking out of the box,

Do you want to be part of a bank without investing anything? ZERO outlay?

Do you want to see how your bank is being managed in “real-time” and transactions that unfold before your eyes, , access documents anytime?

Do you want to have a bank of your own that will help you run your business, provide reasonable loan rates and nurture and guide you through your growing stage?

Do you want to be part of a bank that will help you build your quality homes in quality subdivision developed by OFW-developer, financed by OFW-Bank?

Do you want to be fully aware of the SALN of your bank officers, their wives, their children? Your bank officers are paid higher than industry standard. Transparency in the Internet.[/COLOR]

investing with zero outlay? how? and why would there be SALN when there is no money involved? where will the money for loans and housing come from? and how will the bank maintain a system that needs serious programs to monitor transactions? pay for internet bills, infrastructures and equipments?

eh sa start pa lang gastos na nakikita ko dyan. and you add pa na you'll create your own rules? anu ba to? lokohan? im just being realistic. dont compare aquaponics since its realistic enough. how will you go about answering your own questions about this ofw bank of yours? and don't tell me you never needed permit to start your own aquaponics business. i may have to ring BIR for that, and even BFAR.

All your questions are the fundamentals of those who want to start a business. That is correct. That is the way we are trained in school. That is the process and here are the forms. Fill it up, queue, pay and that's it !!

Forget for a moment, you want to start a bank. Let's keep it simple. Assume "someone" gave you the idea of creating a very very simple "home business". Example, "Virtual Secretary". You serve small clients and take calls for them in an "office" cud be a home-office. Take down notes and do follow-up calls for your "bosses". Sort of "nano-call" center. Do you need to go through all those procedures you mentioned above? Will BIR haunt you down for a few thousands pesos you earn? Now assume there are 1000's of you small free lance workers doing similar work. Does BIR have the resources to chase 1000 small free lance workers? What if you are able to "combine" the resources of these 1000 free lance workers, earning separately and give them a much better process?

So I hope this gives you an idea how to beat the system of permits, causing wasted man-hours.

Each of your small free lance workers may have already their internet connections - housewives, retirees, handicaps, etc., So we start with what we have, make use of what we have.

The above is something to start thinking about. Start with a clean-slate, design a process flow and forget what they taught you in school. Now, how do you "transform" that idea to a bigger scale?

Some readers here are already itching for the "how to make the money process without the money", Instead of thinking, and contributing positive thoughts, they start dropping and spreading poisonous thoughts. Di-visive and destructive comments. That is, why this system is not for all. The De-mon and De-vil will do everything to des-troy what will be founded. Hard values and principles have to be the foundation of those who want to be involved. Again 5th riches country in the world in terms of natural resources, yet the poooooorest. Hence, to make the Filipino people suffer, is to continue to "Divide and Destroy" them by breaking down family values and sending them out to the world. Separating them from their families. Children will grow without parents or only one parent.

When these people are divided and discouraged and angry at their government, then those "chosen-few" can continue to plunder the wealth of this country. We can do something about that. We can enjoy the richness of our country but we have to be worthy of these overwhelming richness and prove to the Big-Boss we can manage these resources. We have to build a strong foundation with values and principles "Embedded" in our hearts and minds.

Added (07-September-2012, 11:46 PM)
Napoleon Hill said in his book Think Grow Rich that it is important to have a “master mind group” of like minded people who are after success in the same industry, your brain is like a "single-cell battery" by it self it is only limited to glow at a certain brightness but with a master mind core group, the battery has unlimited charge and shines brighter then ever!

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want - Zig Ziglar

Whether you think you can or you think you can't you are right - Henry Ford

If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere - Zig Ziglar

My goal in this thread, is to build relationships and network with like minded people that are focused on creating success for themselves and their family, I want to create a “master mind” or a "core-group" of people so together we can be unstoppable in this industry. We can!

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