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Avail Buah Merah Mix organic juice

Php 350

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DR. TOSHIAKI NISHIGAKI, A Japanese Chemist Doctor from Japan conducted a series of systematic investigation to prove the magnificent medicinal properties of Buah Merah (Red Fruit) in 2006. He discovered the presence of BETA-CRYPTOXANTHIN in Buah Merah. Dr. Nishigaki came from the School of Medicine, Shinshu University of Japan. He is the Head of M&K Laboratories Inc. in Japan.<br /> <br /> FOR ORDERS AND DEALERSHIP<br /> Contact<br /> 0919-499-5899/0916-509-5899<br /> <br /> About BUAH MERAH<br /> BUAH MERAH plants are found among the density of tropical forest, spread over cool mountain climate on 2000-3000 meters above sea level in Papua, Indonesia. The Latin name of Buah Merah is PANDAMUS CONOIDEUS LAM.<br /> It has 16m height with free stand limp 5 until 8m height supported with rhizome at lower limp. Fruit shape is oval and its bud covered with fruit leaves. Red Fruit is 55cm-100cm long, 10-15cm diameter, and 2-3 kg weight. It has bright maroon red color.<br /> Buah Merah is a rich source of natural Vitamin E, Omega 3, 6, 9 that are important antioxidant to destroy oxygen free radicals that attack our healthy cells. The higher the level of anti-oxidants in our body risk of developing chronic diseases.<br /> HEALTH BENEFITS<br /> 1. Gives Extra Energy & Improves Stamina<br /> 2. Boost The Immune System<br /> 3. Fights Cancer Cells<br /> 4. Reduces Bad Cholesterol<br /> 5. Normalizes Blood Sugar Level<br /> 6. Detoxifies Toxins<br /> BUAH MERA MIX will help those suffering from:<br /> High Cholesterol<br /> Alzheimer's<br /> Cancer<br /> Asthma<br /> Arthritis<br /> Diabetes<br /> Bronchial Problem<br /> Prostate Problem<br /> Thyroid Problem<br /> Kidney Problem<br /> Liver Problem<br /> Heart Problem<br /> Ovarian Problems<br /> Poor Memory<br /> Stroke<br /> Constipation<br /> Urinary Tract Infection<br /> Weak Body<br /> Anemia<br /> Back Pain<br /> Cyst<br /> Lupus<br /> Goiter<br /> Myoma<br /> Dengue<br /> Hepatitis<br /> Vertigo<br /> Pneumonia<br /> Allergy<br /> Hypertension<br /> Psoriasis<br /> Other Degenerative Diseases<br /> <br /> For your orders and dealership or inquiries:<br /> <br /> Contact:<br /> 0919-499-5899/0916-509-5899


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