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Aggregate Recycling Crusher Machine

With regard to the study and analysis of feed mill 

In the crushed straw material, because the material into the crushing chamber can not fast stalk after crushing, the movement is often easy to be entangled in moving teeth and teeth over time, can also cause burning motors. Hammer mill crushing effect is slightly better than the tooth claw, but it is not ideal, and tested for grinding dry straw, it is usually not the powdery material processing out, but was the commander of Agricultural Mechanization s Ma rib shape, the other of these machines in the grinding process, because high-speed rotation of the hammer by the resistance of materials, will produce angular off.
Aggregate Recycling Crusher Machineset, in addition, there is a problem of such mill, the replacement of wearing parts. The equipment in the hammer was wearing parts, each hammer impact area at each end of two, when all of its blunt, the need to replace the hammer. Whether new exchange impact zone, or replaced with new hammer, to ensure balance, the entire hammer shall be with the progress and the installation must also maintain the original position, the process is generally more trouble, coupled with more frequent replacement of the hammer, which brought a lot of inconvenience to the user.

Agricultural Research Institute of Guizhou Province by the newly developed mountain straw feed mill, applicable not only to the general material crushing, dry straw for processing materials and more features, which overcomes the above two types of grinder some problems. Primary Crushing Plantake the tool a significant improvement, with a round cutter tooth and cover with three teeth on board, working mainly using circular tooth between the tool and the tooth plate shearing action to complete the crushed material.

Work process when dry straw material through the inlet to give as gifts, the fast rotating at high speed round stalk cutter teeth grinding chamber with some people, this process, the material being round tooth tooth plate between the tooQuartz Stone Powder Manufacturing Plant In India and a great shearing, extrusion , and a tear effect, but also to high-speed rotary cutter friction between impact and role in the integrated force of the above, the material to be crushed stalks fast. Because of this mill grinding process, the material is mainly affected by the shear force, and thus its machining tough and long dry straw material is very appropriate.

In addition, the machine uses a circular toothed knives, with a total of seven along the axial direction, each tool has teeth, so that the work that each tooth wear of each blade is about one-hammer wear, so Compared with the hammer mill, the tool wear will be much smaller, which greatly reduces the hassle of changing tools. This circle of each tooth of the tool tooth are not high, from high to low, and the tool is free to rotate on the shaft, so that the feed can be excessive and the automatic regulation of a buffer.

In addition, the equipment on the shaft is also equipped with more than a disc can store energy, so that the tool is in the working process is more stable, in order to reduce noise. The foregoing analysis, straw feed mill in many ways, according to the tooth and claw hammer mill, and its successful development of feed industry development will play a positive role in promoting.

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