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1 SMART Way to Determine the Ticket Price of 2GO Travel (for any destination)?

Budgeting helps you plan for intended financial need. When planning to set aside a budget for travelling thru a ferry or ship, you need to know how much is the fare or ticket price. So when you plan to travel with 2GO Travel (ship), it's important to know how much is the ticket you're going to pay. Here's a smart way to determine the ticket price of 2GO Travel and it's applicable to any destination in the Philippines.

You can use your smartphone or PC (computer) connected to the internet and go to travel.2go.com.ph/eTicket/ .

The 2GO Travel website has an online booking facility that let's you book your travel. In other words, you can buy the ticket online thru their website. Not only that, you can also check or determine the ticket price of your travel to any destination in the Philippines.

You might ask, "Are there any charges in using the site or when I only check the ticket price of my travel?"

The answer is no. It's free to use the site. And it's free to check the ticket price. But...

Unless you really book your travel or when you really buy the ticket online, 2GO Travel charges a "web admin fee".

Let's try to check the ticket price if you travel from Manila to Cebu City. We choose February 27, 2017 as departure date. Only 1 passenger will travel.
Check ticket price of 2GO Travel
2GO online booking facility

After you enter and choose the required information, click the Continue button.

A pop-up window will appear. It contains booking reminders. Screenshot of this is shown below:

2GO Travel booking reminder
booking and travel reminders

Click the OK button to close it. And you will be redirected to a new page which shows the details of your travel/trip:

Ticket price of 2GO Travel
travel details with ticket price and its fare breakdown

As you can see in the screenshot above, the ticket price of the trip from Manila to Cebu City is Php 1,249.01.

Simple to use isn't it? Everytime you want to travel with 2GO and you want to know the ticket price of your travel, this online facility will really help you plan your travel. It helps your budgeting. It also helps you decide whether to take a plane or just take a ferry or ship.

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