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Philippine Arena: World's Largest Dome Arena

Popularly known to be the World's Largest Dome Arena, Philippine Arena is owned by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) religious organization. The Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp., which is the contractor of the said project has already been working this month (August 2011) to build this world's largest dome arena in Bulacan, Philippines.
The contractor of the project, Hanwha Engineering and Construction Corp. (Hanwa E&C) is a development and construction company based in South Korea. Its vice Chairman Kim Hyun-chung shake hands with the INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo after the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday.

Eduardo Manalo shake hands with Kim Hyun-chung
Eduardo Manalo (left), Kim Hyun-chung (right) picture (koreaherald.com)

According to the Korea Herald, Philippine Arena is estimated to be worth $175 million contract which was signed on August 4, 2011. It has a seating capacity of 50,000 (seats), floor area of 74,000 square meters and its domed roof is nearly 36,000 square meters which makes it the "World's Largest Dome Arena".

Hanwha E&C will work for the said project for over 30 months and will be completed by 2014. The company said that the project will be conducted in design-build process in which the contractor is responsible for all related processes from designing to building the facility.

"The Philippine Arena is three times bigger than the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Korea's largest indoor Arena", said a Hanwha E&C official.

INC said that the Philippine Arena will be built for the Centennial Project during the 100th Founding Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) in July 27, 2014.

The picture below shows the area of location where the Philippine Arena is going to be built.

Location of Philippine Arena
Map location of the Philippine Arena (picture)

The particular place where the Philippine Arena will be built is in the Ciudad de Victoria, Bocaue, Bulacan.

Philippine Arena Banner Streamer
Ciudad de Victoria
Home of the World's Largest Arena

(photo by Eranio Mariano)

Some Pictures of the Philippine Arena - World's Largest Dome Arena:

World's Largest Dome Arena
Miniature architectural model of the Philippine Arena

Philippine Arena
Dome of the Philippine Arena

Philippine Arena - Largest Dome Arena in the World
New Era University Stadium (NEU) located beside Philippine Arena

Philippine Arena - World's Largest Dome Arena
Philippine Dome Arena Miniature Model

World's Biggest Dome Arena
NEU Stadium

(All images credited to their respective owners)

Philippine Arena Groundbreaking Ceremony Video:

Personal Opinion:

The Philippine Arena would be a great place to house the most prestigious event of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) which is the Centennial (100th Anniversary) celebration by year 2014. It could be also a most spacious place to host a grandeur Grand Evangelical Mission (GEM) or it might be the next Olympic Games Arena.

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joy gapan   (23 July 2014 11:42 AM)
Can you see Jesus personality in all of these happening in the INC? Jesus had lived a simple life and taught his disciples not to store riches on earth. Did Jesus ever cohabit with the kings of the earth during his time? Look who were present during the inauguration. INC members should be humble to read the bible to know what is really required of a christian.

lloyd emmerson   (14 April 2014 11:25 AM)

Dave Chessey   (24 January 2014 11:01 AM)
This domed structure is truly a marvel because of its construction. It is far short from being the largest domed arena in the world. Singapore has the largest dome arena which spans 310 meters compared to 160 meters of the Philippine arena. There are many other arenas throughout the world that also have a bigger dome and much bigger seating capacity.

King Immanuel Lintag   (23 July 2014 5:18 PM)
For your information, the Singapore's National Stadium is not considered as the largest dome arena because it has a retractable roof and the Philippine Arena fully domed and the roof cannot be retracted. A stadium is different from an arena, an arena is usually for indoor games and sports, and the stadium is actually for outdoor games and sports. So, the Philippine Arena is the largest domed arena, not the Singapore's National Stadium.
P.S. The Philippine Arena is not a stadium, we have the Philippine Stadium next to the Philippine Arena.

Raydel   (27 October 2013 10:50 AM)
I have a property (lot only) at Metrogate Spring Meadows which is just at the back of the Philippine Arena which I am selling. It is just about 10-15 minutes ride to the Philippine Arena. The lot at Metrogate Spring Meadows is 132 sq. m. The subdivision is already completed with multi-function hall, gym, swimming pool and 24-hour security. The current market price of the lot is at P8,400 per sq. m. It is expected to increase conservatively to about P10,000 per sq. m. when the arena opens by first to second quarter of next near. Should anyone be interested to invest or have a home at the very nice exclusive subdivision, you may get in touch with me at 09228344917.

ILOVEINC   (04 October 2013 9:00 AM)
kung cno kamang PUGAD NG KATOTOHANAN,kung wla kang magandang sasabihin wag ka na lng magsalita

jezreel guno   (03 October 2013 10:33 AM)
hoy,, pugad daw ng ka22hanan, pugad ka ng kabulukan... inngit ka lng sa I.N.C

jezreel guno   (03 October 2013 10:30 AM)
mga kapatid, kmuzta na ang pananampalataya nyo...

Sache   (27 September 2013 6:39 PM)
GRAABBEEHH!!! ang ganda talaga ng ARENa! Largest in the Philippines!! AMAZING!!! but not all would appreciate.. Well.. their loss. :)

GOD is Good!!


Nenette Virata   (25 September 2013 4:40 AM)
Hello po, how do I go to the site? Where can I see the directional map from the north diversion road to the site? My husband want to test drive there before the actual opening. You can text me here: +639178192992. Thank you po.

juliet yu   (24 September 2013 3:45 PM)
i hope u can email it to me or txt it to me.. here is my number 0916-666-1024
i want to be part of it..

juliet yu   (24 September 2013 3:45 PM)
can i ask when was the opening job in philippine arena?

juliet yu   (24 September 2013 3:44 PM)
can i ask when was the opening job in the philippine arena?

Ria Polintan Leoncio   (16 September 2013 8:35 PM)
-nakakakilabot po ang mga pagpapala.. Magtalaga pa upang wala ng maiwan sa pagsalubong!

Ria Polintan Leoncio   (16 September 2013 8:33 PM)

Mr. Filipino Propeta   (23 August 2013 1:30 AM)
sana po ay meron Helicopter landing pad po sa vicinity ng Philippine arena ?

AceJerome   (17 July 2013 3:39 PM)
Proud To BE INC!!

eislet   (22 June 2013 10:25 PM)
hey iglesia ni cristo admistration, can u become president of the philippines? i think you're honest and not into money or corruption. maybe you can save this country.

this will give philippines a chance to host Olympics. well i hope philippines will be more supportive on sports. why oh why philippines you're all about investments and property..

LIWAYA ORAYAN   (15 June 2013 2:29 PM)
Thanks God I am Iglesia Ni Cristo

rodelson paulino   (20 March 2013 3:12 PM)
proud 2 be a IGLESIA NI CRISTO

RODZEN A. BUMATAY   (11 March 2013 11:46 AM)
Naiyak po aq sa biyayang kaloob sa atin ng ama. Ngayon plang po sabik na ako sa ating centenial celebration. uuwi aq sa ating bansa at kasama ko pamilya kung dadalo 1 week before celeration.

Angeles Junio   (10 March 2013 5:24 PM)
I am proud to be a Pilipino

Pugad ng Katotohanan   (22 January 2013 7:30 PM)
Ang pangit naman ng Dome Arena niyo. Sino ba nag-design niyan?

dennis   (11 January 2013 11:28 AM)
I hope makapagconcert din dito sa Big Bird sa Philippines Arena.

yangregine   (11 January 2013 5:53 AM)
I hope makapag concert dito si SONGBIRD sa Philippines ARENA

steven   (27 December 2012 5:32 AM)
I Am a proud Iglesia Ni Cristo.....

Please lang mga kapatid iwasan natin mag comment sa ibang religion!!!!!!

Salamat sa ating Ama!!!!!

erniel trestiza   (19 September 2012 2:38 PM)
excited na kaming makapasok dyan sa philippine arena kami ng buong kamag anak ANG GANDA SIGURO NYAN

jacqueline azares   (10 September 2012 4:40 PM)
i am happy for being part of this....thank you lord.

blackzanji123   (11 August 2012 4:57 PM)
Maraming maraming salamat poh ama sa biyayang pinakamahalaga na binigay nio sa amin ang pagiging tunay na iglesia ni cristo
walang maitutumbas ang iyong mga nagawa sa amin napakabuti nio poh sa amin ma dahil may pamamahala kami na nagmamalasakit sa kapakanan naming mga iglesia ni cristo.. Advance Happy Centenial to all of us....

mark morquianos   (10 July 2012 9:32 AM)
mag patoluy tayo sa pag pananam palataya

joseph mago   (28 June 2012 3:32 PM)
Malapit lang amin ang arena, Purihin ang Diyos!

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