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National Achievement Test (NAT) 2013
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The Department of Education (DepEd) through the National Education and Testing Research Center (NETRC) shall administer the National Achievement Test (NAT) nationwide as indicated in the enclosure of DepEd Order No. 26, s. 2012 entitled School Calendar for School Year (SI) 2012-2013 on the following dates:

DateGrade/Year Level of Examinee
March 6, 2013Fourth Year students of public and private schools (census)
March 12, 2013Grade III pupils of public and Madrasah schools
March 13, 2013Grade VI pupils of public and private schools (census)
Only private elementary and secondary schools with permit to operate from this Department shall be included in the conduct of the test.

Each examinee in NAT (Grade VI) shall be issued with a Certificate of Rating (COR) containing the actual rating per subject area. The COR will reflect the examinee's readiness for high school.

The NETRC's authorized forwarder/courier shall deliver the test materials at least two weeks before the test administration except for the National Capital Region (NCR) divisions which shall be delivered five days before the test administration.

The same forwarder/courier shall retrieve all the test materials one week after the test administration. Hence, all division testing coordinators (DTCs) and private school supervisors (PSSs) are instructed to ensure that the test materials are ready for pick-up/retrieval of the authorized forwarder/courier.

In relation to this, the NETRC shall conduct the National Conference on the Standardized Administration of the National Achievement Test and Test of English Proficiency for Teachers (TEPT) and Process Skills Test (PST) for the purposes of updating information and resolving issues/concerns on testing.

The following topics shall be discussed in the said conference:
  1. Proper conduct/administration of the test;
  2. Standard procedure in test administration;
  3. Security of test materials, delivery, retrieval scheme;
  4. Allocation of test materials;
  5. Information derived from the individual Certificate of Rating (COR);
  6. Utilization/dissemination of findings/implications of test results; and
  7. Financial matters relative to test administration.
Authorized to attend the activity (in designated venues and dates) are the regional testing coordinators (RTCs), one from every region, division testing coordinators (DTCs), one from every division, and private school supervisors (PSSs), one from every division with at least ten private schools.

Dates, venues and clustering of regions for the Conference will be announced later through an Advisory.

For the TEPT-PST, the DTCs are required to bring the actual number of Grade 3 and Grade 4 public school teachers with permanent positions in their respective divisions.

The TEPT-PST shall be administered by cluster starting February 3, 2013, all Sundays of March, April and May 2013. The NETRC shall provide the clustering of regions and shall announce it through an Advisory.

The DTC will serve as chief examiner, while the education supervisors and elementary school principals as room examiners. The teachers shall be given one day service credit as per DepEd Order No. 53, s. 2003.

All participants must attend only on the date and venue where their region is clustered. Conference proper will start at exactly 8:00 a.m. Participants can be accommodated in the afternoon before the scheduled conference.

Traveling expenses and allowable expenses shall be charged to NETRC Funds subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

Immediate dissemination of this information is desired.

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306 stevenwijaya   (17-April-2015 8:26 AM)
please send me national achievement test 2013 thanks

305 123498besligps   (19-March-2015 10:39 AM)
NAT result of grade 3 march 2014.

304 Sening Daga   (18-February-2015 7:42 PM)
kindly furnish me a copy of NAT Result of 4th year for the past 3 years (2012-2014)of Nueva Vizcaya Division, Cagayan Valley Region specifically BINALIAN INTEGRATED NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, BINALIAN , KAYAPA, NUEVA VIZCAYA. Please email it on this address: seningdaga@deped.gov.ph , thanks a lot and God bless.

303 Sening Daga   (18-February-2015 7:34 PM)
Have a blessed night to all! Kindly furnish me a copy of NAT RESULT of the Division of Nueva Vizcaya particularly BINALIAN INTEGRATED NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL, BINALIAN, KAYAPA, NUEVA VIZCAYA, REGION 02. Kindly send the result in my email address: seningdaga@deped.gov.ph , thanks a lot.God bless.

302 Maxilinda Quiton   (13-February-2015 9:13 PM)
pls furnish me a copy of NAT result of Division of Ilocos Sur for the past 3 years

301 Jovelyn Garrido   (28-January-2015 5:53 PM)
CAn I ask a copy of the NAT Result in Grade 3 & Grade 6 for the school year 2012-2014 And s.Y. 2013-2014.PLease email to :jovelyn_garrido@yahoo.com.Thank you

300 Mam Mel   (26-November-2014 7:20 AM)
Can i ask a copy of the NAT Result in Grade III SY 2012-13, 2013-2014, of PARAI elementary school Dupax del Norte Nueva Vizcaya. Thank you.

299 JaiJai Hamisain   (05-November-2014 9:30 AM)
Can I ask a copy of the NAT Result of Tubig Mampallam Central School, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, ARMMl in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014? Please , we badly need it. Thanks!!! email: rodzainna.hamisain@gmail.com

298 Erika Camargo   (24-September-2014 7:22 PM)

297 Erika Camargo   (24-September-2014 7:18 PM)
Can I ask a copy of the NAT Result of California Elem. School and San Francisco Elem. School of Ubay, Bohol in the school year 2013-2014? Please , we badly need it. Thanks!!!

296 Rosalina Yumul Manaloto   (26-August-2014 4:20 PM)
May you please send me the copy of the NAT Results 2013 for the 4th Year HS students of Holy Cross College, Sta. Ana, Pampanga. Thanks :) my email is manalotorosalina@yahoo.com

295 Vicky Bagni   (25-August-2014 1:11 AM)
Please send me a copy of the 2012, 2013, and 2014 National Achievement Test Results administered to our Grade six pupils at Pasil District , Division of Kalinga , CAR Region. email ad. nickxian12@gmail.com . Thank you and more power!

294 Reynaldo Peralta Usigan   (11-August-2014 9:37 PM)
Kindly send me a copy of the 2013 National Achievement Test Results administered to our Fourth Year students of Licerio Antiporda Sr. National High School- Sta. Isabel Extension. School Code is 306005, Division of Cagayan, Region 2. Email ad: reyusigan@yahoo.com Thank you and more power!

293 Ian Rose Dogoldogol   (08-August-2014 6:28 PM)
Good day po.... kindly send us a copy of 2013 National Achievement Test Result Grade 3 and 6 of MAMBAGO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (Mambago, Gupitan, Kapalong, Davao del Norte, Kapalong East District, Division of Davao del Norte, Region XI. My email is: roseiando_06@yahoo.com

292 Ian Rose Dogoldogol   (08-August-2014 6:25 PM)
good day po!!!! kindly email us a copy of 2013 NAT result grade 3 and 6 of Mambago Elementary School( Gupitan, Kapalong, Davao del Norte, Kapalong East District, Region XI, Division of Davao del Norte.) My email is: roseiando_06@yahoo.com

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