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Teacher Development Needs Study (TDNS) in the Philippines

The Philippine National Research Center for Teacher Quality (PNRCTQ), a research center established by the Australian Government through the University of New England SiMERR National Research Centre in partnership with the Philippine Normal University, the National Center for Teacher Education (NCTE) will conduct a national data gathering in the Philippines for its project dubbed as Teacher Development Needs Study (TDNS).

The PNRCTQ aims to conduct research projects that could provide evidence-based and policy-relevant advice on how to strengthen teacher quality in the Philippines in support of the K to 12 Reform.

In particular, the Teacher Development Needs Study (TDNS) aims to determine what the teachers know and actually do that could inform DepEd on the development needs of teachers and on policies and programs in strengthening teacher quality in the Philippines. In this project, the research team will have the pilot testing of its new assessment tools in selected DepEd schools in the National Capital Region (NCR) this July 2014 and then will conduct its national survey to sampled teachers also from DepEd schools from 17 regions in the country from August to November 2014 to determine their needs for professional development. There will also be classroom observations and interviews with the principals, teachers and other concerned stakeholders of the schools sampled in this study.

The participants in this research project include the regional directors, schools division superintendents, district supervisors, school principals, teachers and other concerned stakeholders of DepEd. The participants are enjoined to support the conduct of this research project.

More information may be inquired from any of the following:

Dr. Marilyn U. Balagtas Director
Philippine National Research Center for Teacher Quality
Email Address: balagtas.mu@pnu.edu.ph
Telephone Nos.: (02) 336-97-55; (02) 317-1768 local 763

Dr. Jennie V. Jocson
Senior Program Manager and Project Leader
Philippine National Research Center for Teacher Quality
Email Address: jocson.jv@pnu.edu.ph
Telephone Nos: (02) 336-97-55; (02) 317-1768 local 764
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