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How to Secure Your PLDT Landline (Telephone)
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Are you wondering why your PLDT landline bills rose up or you notice an unbelievable big increase of your PLDT landline (telephone) bill while your telephone usage is minimal? You might be a victim of your neighbor or a person inside your house who uses your PLDT landline without you knowing it that they are making a "telebabad" of your telephone.

Secure you PLDT Telephone (landline)

Don't be a victim next time. Use the security feature of your PLDT Landline. Didn't you know that? There's a security code of your PLDT Landline that you should use so that an unauthorized person can't use your PLDT landline anymore. An unauthorized person can't call to anyone (NDD and IDD) with the help of a security code. Your security code serves as your "personal lock" or PIN code. It is use for DDD calls authorization.

Here are the ways on how to secure your PLDT Landline (telephone):

1. For NDD (National Direct Dialing Calls),

  • When calling a landline, dial:
    • Area Code Tel. No. #4 digit PIN#
  • When calling a cellphone, dial:
    • Cellphone No. #4 digit PIN#
2. For IDD (International Direct Dialing Calls),
  • Dial Country Code Area Code Tel No. #4 digit PIN
For telephones that are not yet equipped with the 1 step-security code, the existing security code can be used instead:

To unlock your telephone: #54*_ _ _ _ #
To lock your telephone: *54*_ _ _ _ #
To change the security code or PIN of your telephone: *85*_ _ _ _ (present code)*_ _ _ _(new code)#

Take note: It is very important that you memorize your Security Code or PIN so as not to allow other persons to use your telephone. Calls with the Security Code are presumed to be regular, authorize and shall be charged accordingly. Examine your PLDT landline bills carefully.

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