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The Appearance of Peculiar Jaw Crushers

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The largest feeding size of jaw breaker should be 15-20% smaller than its feeding port, that is to say the largest material shouldn’t be 0.85 time larger than the feeding port.

When we use stone jaw crusher to break hard and smooth gravels, it’s much easy for the gravels to be bounded, so the working efficiency of crushing natural gravels is lower than that of crushing big stones.

During the operation of jaw crusher, attentions must be paid to search for and repair worn parts, except follow the regulations and principles of maintenance, because the crushing machine is working under the serious working conditions, which is an important measure to improve the working efficiency.

In order to improve the performance and working efficiency of jaw crushers, some peculiar jaw crushers have ever been produced by foreign professors.

In the early years, the German and former Soviet Union all produced jaw breaker driven by hydraulic pressure.

Its characteristics are to increase the swaying times of mobile jaw to increase production capacity.

At the same time, the hydraulic pressure can also be used to adjust discharging port, and as a protection for over loading.

The western German has produced impact jaw crusher, and Soviet Union has ever produced vibrating jaw crusher (also named as inertia jaw crusher).

They all depend on the vibration of mobile jaw to impact materials, so as to improve the crushing ability.

In a summary, to improve the backward situation of domestic jaw crusher, comprehensively improve the technical level of the jaw crusher to catch up with the world advanced level, and create the world brand jaw crusher is a priority.

The fundamental factors to ensure the best performance of the jaw crusher are optimum motion characteristics of moving jaw.

This feature is obtained by agencies optimal design.

Therefore, the jaw crusher organizations optimize the design to ensure the best performance of the fundamental crusher.

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