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Start Online Business in the Philippines

2,500 Pesos

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If You are looking for a good online business to start while you are in the phillipines you can now start by just little amount of investment. Supreme Wealth Alliance the first 100% Online Business own by a filipino Francis Chavez,go viral in 1 year time. Click this to see full details in video presentation in our very own filipino language http://negosyo.marivicson.com/

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Supreme Wealth Alliance Perfect Payplan System


The Perfect Pay Plan System (P3S) is actually very simple. Everybody who joins SWA Ultimate will be entered into 2 different pay plans, one after the other, and keeping the referrer information for both pay plans intact.

The entry price of the P3S is broken down as follows:

- US$30 goes to the 2 x 2 Dynamic Follow Matrix
- US$20 goes to the Infinity 3-Up Pass Up
- USD5 goes to Admin Fee (pay processor charge alone is already more than USD4)

So the total amount you will shell out in SWA Ultimate is US$55, Some people may see this as a big amount, but compared to what? The basic rule and reality in network marketing is that if you want bigger, faster income right away, then join a program with a higher entry price.

Through research and surveys, we concluded that US$55 is affordable enough to the majority of serious marketers. It is not too small that a nice payout income is sacrificed, but it is also not too big to make it out of reach of the majority. It is just right for everybody... in other words, it is perfect.

When someone joins SWA Ultimate, he is entered into the 2 programs both under the account of the same referrer and following the mechanics of the 2 pay plans. So members can earn in both pay plans at the same time, which is the great aspect of this business.


The entry to pay plan # 1 is US$30, but you can more than double or even triple this amount just by filling up your 2 x 2 matrix. This pay plan is based on a structure of only 7 persons --- you, your 2 first level downlines, and their 2 first level downlines --- hence the term '2 x 2'.

To earn from this system, you simply need to fill up your 2 x 2 matrix. You earn US$70 or US$90 for each completed 2 x 2 matrix. It does not matter how your 2 x 2 matrix gets filled up, whether they are filled up by your referrals or by spillovers from your upline or by a combination of both, as long as your matrix get filled up, you earn US$70 or US$90. Once your matrix is filled up and you have earned, you are given a brand new 2 x 2 matrix at no extra cost.

If you'll notice, there are 2 payout amounts... US$70 and US$90. The US$70 is the regular payout rate. However, if you accumulate at least 7 direct referrals to join SWA Ultimate... no time frame... you will get an extra US$20 for every cycle thereafter. Note that there is no time frame for the 7 direct referral requirement. Once you reach this number of referrals, ALL your cycles afterwards will be earning US$90 for you.

After completing your first matrix, your succeeding matrixes can be filled up by your further direct referrals, upline spillovers, or your direct referrals who filled up their matrix and followed you into your new matrix. The basic rule is, if any of your direct referrals fill up their 2 x 2 matrix, they follow you into the next available open position in your current matrix.

However, the 'follow the referrer' rule is not implemented 100% of the time in our system, that's why we call our pay plan a Dynamic Follow matrix. Most of the time new matrixes follow their referrers. But sometimes, for strong referrers especially, a new matrix can go under a downline of theirs who is close to them in the network. This feature is technically a spillover of a new matrix and is done in order to help weaker or passive marketers. Strong referrers are already tremendously compensated with the extra bonus per cycle and even more with the 3-Up Pass Up pay plan, that these 'random acts of kindness' to weaker or passive marketers will not be detrimental, but in fact even be healthy to the overall network.


The entry to pay plan # 2 is US$20, and it is a 100% payout pay plan, meaning that US$20 goes into this pay plan and US$20 is also paid out to the qualifiers.

To understand how this works, please study the diagram below step by step. Notice where each of your direct referrals go and how the direct referrals of your downlines go up to you.


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