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DMTV Television Mounts

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Dynamic Mounting is located in Mooresville, NC and was founded in 2010 as a small family-owned business dedicated to providing quality products to the marketplace. We sell our products both online to the consumer market as well as through resellers for the commercial industry. All products are proudly made in the USA and have been certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for safety and durability.

While there are a few copy-cat products in the industry, Dynamic Mounting holds the original patent for the hydraulic lifting system and provides:

Lifetime warranty
UL certification – safe, sturdy, reliable
Most downward travel in the industry
Thinnest profile
Set-it and forget-it tilt and auto-lock features
Powder-coated with color choices
Made in the USA designation
Rebates for referrals program

After purchasing a new flat panel, I was challenged with finding a location where both accessibility and viewing angle existed in harmony in relation to our furniture. The logical place was over the fireplace – so I purchased a fixed mount, installed it and quickly realized the challenges. While watching just an hour or two of programming, the unnatural viewing angle left my family and I with stiff necks. The same was true when I noticed my sons straining their necks while playing their favorite games. It looked great up over the fireplace however, so I thought “what if I could drop it down in front of the fireplace?”.

We rarely had a fire lit, but I had to make sure that when I did it would be back in safe position over the fireplace. That night I used my previous experience in designing hydraulic/pneumatic clamps – the lifting equipment that handled the top and bottom covers of large airplane wings to design the Down and Out mount. I had a prototype designed and installed in less than a week and both my family and friends loved it. After doing some research I noticed there was no comparable solution in the market place so I decided to start the Dynamic Mounting company.



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