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Coffee vending machine | coffee vendo machine

Php 12,705

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Coffee vending machine business in the Philippines
Our coffee vending machine edge
We are the first in the country to introduce the coffee vendo machine or coffee vending machine concept. Per cup of the coffee cost only five pesos. We saw opportunity in Filipino's love for coffee and how they value every pesos in their pocket.
Who we are...
Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a growing company born in 2010. Among the products offered by the company are coffee vendo machine /s, coffee vending machine and powdered flavors like coffee, Choco and caramel. Aiming to have more than 100 distributors nationwide, Joel Chua, the creative mind behind the mushrooming coffee vendo machine everywhere is positioning Barista Choi to its peak. Located in strategic points with dense population and belonging to the B to E market segment, the company is achieving its market recognition. Barista Choi offers coffee vendo machine /s or coffee vending machine /s to target market such as bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport terminals, hospitals and more. The management expands through setting up of distribution centers. The distribution centers became Barista Choi's volume customers and they are the ones who deal with the resellers, agents and end consumers.

Coffee vending machine mechanism
After inserting a five (5) peso coin, your coffee will be available in minutes. The machine releases it so it it falls in an open compartment into the cup. Some products or flavors need to be prepared to become available. For example, chocolate and caramel are also available. We guarantee that our flavors, especially coffee is freshly concocted.

The future of

The future of
The future of coffee vending machine for barista hoi coffee vending solutions
Our coffee vending machine business is fast growing and is available nationwide. We are currently being offered by international partners to expand the reach of the baristachoi coffee vending machine business worldwide. Our product has been performing well that…

What is a coffee vending machine
A coffee vending machine is simply a vending machine that dispenses coffee. We like to term or define coffee vending machine as baristachoi coffee vending machine business.

Initial Investment for our coffee vending machine / coffee vendo machine business
Total Initial Investment Products Packing Unit Unit Price Amount Coffee Vending Machine/Coffee Vendo Machine 1 unit 1 12,000.00 12,000.00 Barista Choi Coffee Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 170.00 170.00 Barista Choi Choco Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 170.00 170.00 Barista Choi Caramel Powder 1 kilo/pack 1 170.00 170.00…
Coffee vending machine return of investment calculation
Calculation of return of investment
Total cost per cup ----------- Php 2.80
Gross profit per cup -------- Php 2.20
 Estimated no. of cups sold per day x100 cups
Gross profit per day if Php 220.00/day
No. of days per month x30 days
Gross profit per month Php 6,600.00/month, monthly gross profit depends on the no. of cups sold per day
Return of Investment
Total Initial Investment Php 12,705.00
Gross profit per month Php 6,600.00

Coffee vending machine flavors
FLAVORS Barista Choi Coffee Pinoy Blend 170 Php/kg
Barista Choi Milky Choco Loco 170 Php/kg
Barista Choi Caramel Macchiato 170 php/kg
Barista Choi Mocha 170 php/kg

What is a vending machine

A vending machine is a simple machine which distribute, manage or dispense items that are individually packed or simply portably manage for easy and effortless access. Items such as coffee, candy, call cards, snacks, beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, lottery tickets, cologne, consumer products and possibly…
Coffee vending machine history
Believe or not the history of coffee vending machine or coffee vendo machine started in Ancient Egypt, in the city of Alexandria which is the second largest city in metropolitanEgypt. It was created or invented by Heron of Alexandria,

Coffee vending machine specifications
MODEL: SC 8703 QTY: 1 PC

Baristachoi.com products
Our Product We hascoffee vendo machines that are priced economically. Machine buyers can enjoy the lifetime warranty that Barista Choi offers for as long as it is factory detect and not due to user's negligence. The three powdered flavors…

Who is Baristachoi.com?
Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a growing company born in 2010. Among the products offered by the company are coffee vendo machine /s, coffee vending machine and powdered flavors like coffee, Chocó and caramel. Aiming to have more than…
Nationwide Supplier of Coffee Vending Machine and Coffee Vendo Machines in the Philippines
Barista choi is available for you nationwide. May it be supplies, maintenance, support, repairs and even a friend to talk to, now you know why we choose barista as our name? In barista choi we know how important your business…

Baristachoi.com Coffee vending Machine mission
Baristachoi.com coffee vending machine mission
Mission To give Filipinos additional income to survive the economic hardships here in our own country. Exclusive partner of SAPOE brand of coffee vending machine in the Philippines. Rightful owner of Barista Choi brand of vendo supplies (powder mix…
Coffee vending machine - Coffee vendo machine @ Barista Choi (Kape Tayo)
A video featuring Moymoy Palaboy and the Gang performing "Kape Tayo" jingle.

Coffee vendo machine | Coffee vending Machine @ Kabuhayang Swak na Swak
Our 1st appearance on a lifestyle TV show that explains the whole concept of coffee vending business. The video also highlighted the advantages of "Rent to Own Scheme" offered by the company.

Coffee Vending Machine | Coffee Vendo Machine BaristaChoi.com
About Us Barista Choi is a company in the Philippines originated in 2012. The owner is Mr. Joel Chua a Chinese Filipino business man who believes in three basic needs. Free enterprise, guidance and the power of coffee in the…
Coffee Vending Machine with Guaranteed Daily Income
Guaranteed Daily Income Barista choi guarantees your return of investments in a matter of weeks. With our delicious premixed flavors packed with nutrients easily available in seconds, you’ll be filling your pockets in no time. Did you know that…?

Easy to Operate Coffee Vending Machine Business
Install it, leave it and clean it. That’s how easy earning is with barista choi. Unlike other business’s you don’t need to study or present a diploma, you don’t need to take a 7 day seminar including a final test…
Lowest Capital to Start Your Own Business
Here at Barista Choi, we love coffee and business so much we adjusted our prices for you to start your coffee vending machine business and share our profits. Having your own coffee vending machine business is just like saving up…

Email Add: baristachoi@yahoo.com
Address: 232 Baesa Industrial Terminal, Quirino Highway, Baesa Quezon City, Philippines
Call Us: (02) 961-1608
For more information, promo, discount and events follow us at http://baristachoi.com


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